'Years of blah blah blah': Thunberg at climate talks

"There is no planet B, there is no planet blah, blah blah blah, blah blah blah," she said.

"This is not about some expensive, politically correct, green act of bunny hugging or blah blah blah. Build back better, blah blah blah. Green economy, blah blah blah. Net zero by 2050, blah blah blah. Net zero by 2050, blah blah blah. Net zero, blah blah blah. Climate neutral, blah blah blah," Thunberg went on.

Milan is hosting the Youth4Climate event with youth activists from around the world and a subsequent pre-COP26 meeting, at which climate and energy ministers will decide proposals to send for consideration at the November summit in Glasgow, Scotland.

Thousands of activists will join Thunberg later in the week for a FridaysforFuture march in the city whilst the pre-COP26 meeting is underway.

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