Yang Mi's new movie withdrawn after five days?

7 May - It was reported that Yang Mi's new movie, "Nothing Can't Be Undone by a Hotpot" has been withdrawn from cinemas after only five days.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the movie, which has Yang Mi playing one of the leads, has only accumulated RMB 52.09 million since it was released during the May Day holiday in China.

It is said that as the production budget was quite hefty, there is a high probability for the movie to make a loss if it continues screening throughout the period.

On 5 May, the studio posted, "Since its release, due to various environmental factors, the film has not met with more audiences. I would like to express my special thanks to everybody who have worked hard to improve the film, and sincerely express my sincere gratitude to the audiences who want to see it."

The studio also said that the movie will be re-released on a later date.

While some attributed the failure to the timing of the movie's release, others blamed Yang Mi, who they believed did not do enough promotions, having only written two posts about the movie on social media and not attending most of the promotional events.

The movie, directed by Ding Sheng, revolves around four strangers who become entangled in a murder case after stumbling upon a hidden cache and a corpse in a theatre's backstage area.

Yang Mi dyed her hair red for the movie
Yang Mi dyed her hair red for the movie

(Photo Source: SINA, NetEase)