Yang Mi wins case against netizen

20 May – Chinese actress Yang Mi has recently won a case against a netizen whom she accused of slandering her online.

As reported on China Times, the defendant, a 25-year-old university student surnamed Peng, was sued by the actress earlier for publishing posts claiming that there is bad blood between her and Tiffany Tang, and that the actress is supposedly known for betraying people.

Peng defended her action, saying that all of her posts were written in reference to online news sources, adding that she has even written a notice on her posts warning readers that they do not represent the truth in any way.

Nevertheless, Peng lost the case, and was required to remove all related posts and post a public apology to the actress in 30 days.

She was also required to pay RMB50,000 for emotional distress, and RMB 16,000 for court fees.

(Photo Source: China Times)