Xu Kai slams obsessed fans harassing him at home

21 Feb – Chinese actor Xu Kai recently expressed his annoyance over the behaviour of some obsessed fans harassing him at his own house.

As reported on Sina, the actor, who has been experiencing a surge of popularity since playing Fucha Fuheng in the hit period drama, "Story of Yanxi Palace", shared on social media on 19 February that he has been stalked and harassed by strangers at home.

"I don't know which fans are doing it, but please stop knocking at my door or order a takeout... let's respect each other, shall we?"

Netizens who saw the post condemned the behaviour of some fans, saying that they are mentally unstable.

Meanwhile, others suggested that Xu should stop talking about it on social media as it will only encourage his crazy fans to do it more.

Xu had since deleted his post.

(Photo Source: Xu Kai Weibo)