XL Bluey Special Sets Disney+ Viewership Record for Series

Bluey‘s recent XL special put up XL numbers.

“The Sign,” which debuted on April 14 and spanned 28 minutes — four times the usual Bluey episode length — racked up 10.4 million views on DIsney+ globally, during its first seven days of release. (Disney+ rightly defines a “view” as total stream time divided by runtime.) “The Sign” thus stands as the most-viewed Disney Junior premiere and Bluey episode premiere ever on Disney+.

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The hit special focuses on two potentially life-altering developments for Bluey’s family. Not only is Uncle Rad finally marrying his longtime girlfriend Frisky, but Bluey’s parents also explain that they’re selling the house and moving to a new city. The former is a cause for celebration, while the latter is an existential crisis waiting to happen. In the end, (spoiler alert!) Bluey’s family decides to stay where they are, but it’s quite an emotional journey to reach that conclusion — one that teaches an important lesson about resilience in the face of change. TVLine readers gave the episode an average grade of “A.”

The special also features a handful of Easter eggs for longtime viewers of the Australian kids’ cartoon. For example, a brief moment reveals that Brandy (a character voiced by Rose Byrne) is pregnant, despite it previously being established that she has fertility issues. It isn’t explained how the difficult pregnancy was achieved, but given the show’s target audience, it’s probably best to let sleeping dogs lie in this case.

And the Bluey action doesn’t stop there. A surprise episode, appropriately titled “Surprise,” hit Disney+ on Sunday, April 21.

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