Xinhua reports discrepancy in Malaysia Airlines passenger record

100 days on, families of MH370 passengers and crew remain hopeful

A Chinese person whose passport number is among those listed for passengers aboard a missing Malaysia Airlines flight did not board the plane, Xinhua reported today.

The person, a resident of Fujian province in eastern China, has no departure record and is still in Fujian, the state media reported, citing police.

The name listed by Malaysia Airlines for the passenger was different to that of the individual who holds the passport with the number in question, Xinhua said.

The owner said the passport had never been lost or stolen, it added.

The disclosure came after it emerged that two people boarded the missing flight, MH370 from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with stolen European passports.

Meanwhile, The Star newsportal reported that the Chinese embassy is verifying reports that passports of an Austrian and an Italian were used by imposters to board the plane, Chinese Ambassador to Malaysia Huang Huikang said.

"We are verifying these incidents with the Malaysian authorities. We are also investigating if the 'two people' have the proper visa documents to go to China," Huang was quoted in the Chinese media today.

The Star newsportal reported him as saying that if it was an electronic system or engine failure, there should still be signals from the aircraft while the electronic positioning sensor should still be working and if the aircraft were to slow down.

"But I hope everyone will be patient, as sometimes a lot of things are beyond our control," he added. – AFP, March 9, 2014.