Xing Fei is Ren Jialun's lead actress in "Wu Geng Ji"

28 Dec - After much speculations, it was revealed that Xing Fei (also known as Fair Xing) will be joining Ren Jialun in his new drama, "Wu Geng Ji".

The upcoming iQiyi fantasy drama will mark the second collaboration between Xing and Ren, who previously worked together in the modern drama, "Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard".

It is noted that Ren is the only actor who was announced as a star of the said iQiyi series back in November. It was later reported that Li Yitong will be playing the female lead.

However, soon after, Li's camp announced that the actress will not be a part of the project.

Aside from Xing Fei, other actors to star in the series include Zhu Danbi, Yan Yikuan and Zhu Zengting.

The upcoming series is based on the famous comic series by Hong Kong cartoonist, Eric Cheng, and tells the story of Wu Geng, a demi-god who becomes a slave following the death of his parents.

Ren and Xing worked together in 'Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard'
Ren and Xing worked together in 'Miss Crow with Mr. Lizard'

(Photo Source: Xing Fei Fanpage IG, Soompi)