Xbox Swears Fable Is Coming In 2025 With New Story Trailer

Screenshot: Xbox / Playground Games
Screenshot: Xbox / Playground Games

Today at the big 2024 Xbox Summer Game Fest showcase we got yet another trailer for Fable, a game that feels like it’s been coming for a long, long time. But with this new trailer, Xbox promised a 2025 launch date. We shall see!

This new spin on Fable, being developed by Playground Games—the same studio behind Xbox’s amazing Forza Horizon series—was first announced back in 2020 and is being built using the same tech that powered those open-world driving games.

Here’s the new story-focused Fable trailer:

In the new trailer, which premiered during Xbox’s large showcase event on June 9, we meet a retired hero who claims to have been Albion’s greatest adventurer. He also claims to have helped train the new protagonist of the upcoming RPG, which appears to be set in the same universe as the past Fable games from Lionhead.

There are moments in the trailer where we see what could be gameplay, but this once again feels like a teaser intended to prove that, yes, Fable is still being made and is still launching at some point. And this time ,Xbox seems confident enough to attach a 2025 release date at the end. Will Playground be able to hit that target? We will have to wait and see. As a big Fable fan, I hope so.

It’s been over a decade since Fable III landed on Xbox 360. In 2017 we got spin-offs like the Kinect-focused Fable: The Journey and 2017's free-to-play card game Fable Fortune. But none have captured the same feel as the OG games. Lionhead Studios shuttered shortly after the cancelation of the multiplayer Fable Legends project in 2016. So it’s been a long road to this new Fable.

Fable is set to arrive sometime in 2025 on Xbox and PC. It will be a day-one launch on Game Pass, too.

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