Xbox Summer Showcase will feature new games and updates on major titles


Xbox boss Phil Spencer has promised updates for high-profile Xbox exclusives at the Summer Games Showcase in June.

Earlier this week, Xbox announced when the Xbox Summer Games Showcase would be taking place on June 11. Now, Xbox head Phil Spencer has said in a new interview with Kinda Funny Games that several high-profile Xbox games will be present at the showcase.

"I'm very enthusiastic about [Summer] Showcase," Spencer said in the video above. "We're gonna announce some things that people haven't seen, some new games." Spencer also said that "we're gonna give updates to some of the things that were on your list," referring to a string of titles mentioned by interviewer Parris Lilly that included Avowed, State of Decay 3, Fable, Everwild, Perfect Dark, Contraband, and Hellblade 2.

This comment from Spencer isn't a guarantee that every game listed will be at the showcase, but at least we can expect a few. We know relatively little about the games listed there, and some of them have been quiet over the past few years, particularly Fable from Playground Games and Everwild from Sea of Thieves developer Rare.

Now though, that all looks set to change on June 11. Aside from these aforementioned games, we don't know anything about the "new games" Spencer references. It's a fair bet that a company as huge as Xbox has unannounced projects in the works, and we could see some unannounced Xbox games in the summer showcase.

Taking place immediately after the Summer Games Showcase will be the Starfield Direct presentation, where Xbox has already said we can expect "much, much more" about the upcoming RPG, in what could be its last major showcase before launch later this year on September 6.

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