Xbox and Jackbox Games embrace the risqué in upcoming party pack

 Jackbox Party Pack goes mature for new Naughty Pack, coming later this year.
Jackbox Party Pack goes mature for new Naughty Pack, coming later this year.

What you need to know

  • Jackbox Games, the studio behind titles like You Don't Know Jack and Drawful, has revealed an upcoming party pack during the latest ID@Xbox Showcase.

  • The pack, which will feature three party games, will embrace a more mature theme set and is rated 17+ — a first for the studio.

Jackbox Games has unveiled a brand-new party pack coming to Xbox during today's ID@Xbox showcase. Unlike previous party pack entries, the latest collection of games from the iconic studio behind titles like You Don't Know Jack, Fibbage, and Drawful will take on a more mature vibe. The Jackbox Naughty Pack will be hitting Xbox consoles sometime in 2024.

Previous Jackbox Party Pack titles, of which there are at least 10, have all previously been considered mostly family-friendly. While typically rated T for Teen due to references to drugs and alcohol, mild sexual themes, and crude humor, most older entries to the series feature parental controls that weed out the more obscene jokes and references. Despite its lower rating, however, there was little to stop many fans from making obscene and mature-themed references or doodles in many of the packs' included games.

The Jackbox Naughty Pack's Mature 17+ rating is a first for both the series and the Jackbox Games studio. Jackbox owes some of its popularity to live streamers, who can play the game with their audiences without any special peripherals or compromising setup requirements. A streamer can lock down a game with an invitation code, and then audience members are able to join in and participate without owning a copy of Jackbox. Each player can utilize their own smartphone, laptop, tablet, desktop, or other device with a browser as a means of joining in. However, most streaming platforms have strict rules regarding risqué material, so moving to more mature content in a game commonly enjoyed by streamers and their audiences may be a bit of a hard sell.

Still, Jackbox Games claims that the decision to release a mature-rated party pack stems from player feedback in the studio's social media comments. Comments included "I only ever play with adults (often when we're drinking) so an [adult content] version is a FANTASTIC idea." and "Jackbox is SUPPOSED TO BE A FAMILY GAME?! I've been playing it wrong."

The Jackbox Naughty Pack will feature three, mature-rated games, making it a bit smaller than its predecessors, which typically include five games per release. If you're looking to brush up on your Drawful, Quiplash, and You Don't Know Jack jokes before things get heated, a bundle on the Xbox store features all 10 previously released Jackbox Party Packs for $123.