Xbox Getting AI-Generated Content And It Sounds Like Hell

Master Chief chats with an AI.
Master Chief chats with an AI.

Microsoft is betting everything on AI, Wired reported earlier this year. And now we know those bets includes gaming. On November 6, the company announced a new business deal to bring AI-generated non-player characters and more to the platform. The tools will be optional for developers. I’m sure this will all go perfectly. Remember Microsoft’s Bing showing Kirby doing 9/11? Me neither.

Microsoft announced a partnership with startup Inworld AI over on its website, stating that the deal would help it build tools for AI-generated dialogue and narrative “at scale.” One of these tools is an AI design copilot that will let developers type in prompts and have these “creative ideas” turned into “detailed scripts, dialogue trees, quests and more.” The second tool is an AI character runtime engine that is integrated directly into the game client to generate “stories, quests, and dialogue” completely on the fly.

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Despite no major game yet shipping with the tools, backers are already “valuing” the startup at $700 million. Inworld AI has mostly been used for mods so far, with players experimenting with the tools in games like Stardew Valley and Skyrim. A Grand Theft Auto V mod was mysteriously nuked from the internet earlier this year by publisher Take-Two, seemingly over for its inclusion of NPCs using Inworld AI’s tech. Microsoft seems less worried about the potential creative and legal minefield for companies shipping entire games using the tools.


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