WWE Royal Rumble 2024 results: Cody Rhodes among winners in record-breaking night

Popular WWE event, the Royal Rumble, returned for its latest event, which featured once-a-year surprise matches that delighted wrestling fans.

Just days after a slew of allegations against the company’s founder Vince McMahon emerged in a lawsuit this week, the event occurred in Florida, with 30 wrestling superstars, many of whom remained a surprise until their appearance, entered the ring at timed intervals.

The Royal Rumble is particularly important for wrestling fans as the last man or woman standing in each match earns a title match in the main event at Wrestlemania.

Winning the Women’s Royal Rumble was Bayley, who has now won a Wrestlemania Women’s Championship Match – and set a Royal Rumble record in the process.

Bayley entered third and outlasted 29 other superstars with a time of one minute, three seconds. The other superstars she battled against included Becky Lynch, Nia Jax, Jade Cargill and, in a particular surprising turn of events, former champions Naomi and Jordynne Grace.

Keeping his win in the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship was Roman Reigns, who defeated Randy Orton, AJ Styles and LA Knight in a fatal four-way match.

YouTube star Logan Paul also appeared, taking home the United States Championship in what was the most controversial moment of the night.

He battled Kevin Owens, who ultimately failed in defeating Paul due to disqualification.

Meanwhile, the winner of the 2024 Men’s Royal Rumble Match, successfully scoring a World Title match at WrestleMania, was Cody Rhodes.

Rhodes’s history-making victory saw him hold off 29 other Superstars to become just the fourth ever wrestler to win back-to-back Royal Rumbles.

Logan Paul beat Kevin Owens at WWE Royal Rumble 2024 (Peacock)
Logan Paul beat Kevin Owens at WWE Royal Rumble 2024 (Peacock)

One prevalent disappointment was the lack of appearance from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. His recent return to WWE led to the assumption he would appear at some stage as part of the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship title match, but the Hollywood star was nowhere to be seen.

Earlier this week, McMahon faced accusations of sexual misconduct and sex trafficking. The WWE founder denies the allegations, but has since stepped down as executive chairman of the board of directors at WWE’s parent company, TKO Group.