WWE Boss’ Accuser Texted Him Wanting ‘Rough Sex’: Court Docs

Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images
Michael N. Todaro/Getty Images

A former World Wrestling Entertainment staffer who accused ex-CEO Vince McMahon of defecating on her head during sex told him that she wanted to be treated harshly between the sheets because she “enjoyed being in pain,” according to a new court filing.

The memorandum, which was submitted in Connecticut federal court on Monday by McMahon’s attorneys, claims Janel Grant sent the pro wrestling mogul texts in which she “fantasized about being held down,” and “wanted rough sex.” In it, the defense team attempts to beat back Grant’s accusations of being sexually assaulted by McMahon, who Grant says also trafficked her between himself and other WWE executives for sex, which became public in an eye-popping lawsuit filed earlier this year.

McMahon is trying to force Grant into arbitration, which, unlike court proceedings, takes place out of public view.

According to McMahon’s May 13 filing, Grant “chose to violate the Parties’ explicit agreement to ‘preserve the confidential and private nature’ of any dispute that may arise by commencing this lawsuit.” It says Grant, who worked in WWE's talent and legal departments from 2019 to 2022, painted a stomach-turning portrait of McMahon’s communications to her “without including any” of her own responses, which the filing claims were “equally and often more aggressive and provocative” than his.

Grant, according to the filing, told McMahon in text exchanges that “she was in love with him and he was the love of her life,” that “she wanted [McMahon] to watch her have sex with other people and know about her sex with others,” and that she “fantasized about being held down, enjoyed being in pain, and wanted rough sex.” McMahon also claims Grant “wanted [him] to give her thousands of dollars for clothes, plastic surgery, and other gifts,” and that she “wanted to have a future” with him.

In response on Tuesday to a request for comment, Grant’s attorney, Ann Callis, told The Daily Beast, “See our original filing. We're confident the truth is laid out well there.”

Grant’s original complaint described vile behavior by McMahon, who allegedly treated her as his “sexual slave.” He told Grant he loved her, while exercising “complete ownership and control over both her personal and professional lives,” the complaint alleges, detailing “acts of extreme cruelty and degradation that caused Ms. Grant to disassociate and/or become numb to reality in order to survive the horrific encounters.”

“As one example of McMahon’s extreme depravity, on May 9, 2020, he defecated on Ms. Grant during a threesome, and then commanded her to continue pleasuring his ‘friend’— with feces in her hair and running down her back—while McMahon went to the bathroom to shower off,” the complaint states. “Upon his return from the bathroom, McMahon and his ‘friend’ actively resumed the threesome, which lasted over an hour and a half, while Ms. Grant remained covered in McMahon’s filth. When McMahon’s ‘friend’ left, McMahon ordered her to stay and to continue to sexually gratify him.”

McMahon also role-played as an unidentified “WWE Superstar” who was set to have sex with Grant, at McMahon’s invitation, but wound up too drunk to perform, according to the initial complaint. So McMahon “sought to salvage the night” by pretending to be the absent wrestler, causing Grant to scream for help while he “among other things, penetrated her, fisted her, pulled her hair, pinned her, shoved her, and open-palm slapped her,” the complaint alleges. It says McMahon’s assault “caused Ms. Grant to break down weeping and curl into the fetal position with her arms pulled up to protect her face. McMahon alternated between slaps and shoves before admitting that ‘I’m really fucking up with you right and left tonight, huh?’”

The latest filing by McMahon was first reported by the New York Post.

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