Wrecked Cars Seen in West Bank Refugee Camp Following Israeli Raid

At least two people were injured during an Israeli raid on the West Bank refugee camp of Nur Shams in the early hours of Thursday, May 11, Palestinian media reported.

According to Quds Press, clashes “broke out in the camp, after the discovery of a civilian car carrying a Palestinian number plate, inside which were Israeli special forces (undercover), where Palestinian resistance fighters clashed with the force.”

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) did not reference the details in the Quds Press report. They said they “arrested a wanted man in the village of Nur Shams and found improvised weapons, weapon parts and military equipment.” According to the IDF, “significant shooting was carried out and explosives and Molotov cocktails were thrown at the force who responded back towards the source of the shooting.”

This footage was livestreamed by Quds News Network, and shows the aftermath of the raid, including damaged and overturned vehicles. According to Quds News Network, the civilian vehicles were overturned by an Israeli bulldozer. Credit: Quds News Network via Storyful