Wreckage From Crashed Cargo Plane Recovered Off Hawaii

Newly released footage shows sunken wreckage from a cargo plane that crashed shortly after takeoff off the coast of Oahu in July being lifted out of the ocean.

Transair Flight 810 was set for a short cargo flight from Daniel K Inouye International Airport in Honolulu to Kahului Airport on Maui when it experienced technical difficulties and crashed shortly after takeoff early on the morning of July 2.

The two pilots on board the plane made an emergency water landing once they were unable to maintain altitude and were rescued about an hour after the crash with serious injuries.

Footage released by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on November 2 shows recovery efforts from October 12 to 31, more than three months after the crash. The NTSB said investigators managed to recover all the major components from the Boeing 737-200 cargo plane, which they said was lying in wreckage on an ocean shelf “at a depth of about 350-450 feet.”

Cargo and wreckage from Transair Flight 810 will be used as critical evidence in the investigation into the crash, which the NTSB said will include “a comprehensive examination of the airplane structure, engines, systems, maintenance, survival factors, vehicle performance, air traffic control, human factors, federal oversight, and emergency response.” Credit: NTSB via Storyful

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