WoW Classic Hardcore world-first race is won by MMO gambler who nearly threw their 70-hour run

 One of WoW Dragonflight's characters holds out their hand
One of WoW Dragonflight's characters holds out their hand

A WoW Classic player has won the race to boost a character to the maximum level cap on the MMO's newly introduced Hardcore servers.

Streamer VitochieR1 has achieved the feat as of August 28 with a run that clocks in around 70 hours, which is four days after the perma-death server launched.

As Wowhead notes, the dedicated combatant used a Gnome Mage with a dedicated frost area-of-effect build. While most runners opted for a single-target frost build as it's the safer choice, Vitochie took a gamble on something more dangerous, and it's paid off nicely.

While new expansions in World of Warcraft frequently signal the start of a community-wide race to reach the level cap, hardcore servers hit differently, as death for your character is permanent. As such, you can see why someone might opt for a single-target build to boost their survivability better. VitochieR1 did not, however, and clearly won the day.

As ever with races to the level cap, we've soon oodles of bumps along the way. One popular figure in the World of Warcraft community returned after a two-year hiatus from the MMO only to perish to a swarm of Troggs at level 14. To be fair to them, they're far from the only person in the public eye to fall at a hurdle before getting back up and giving it another whirl.

As Blizzard explained back when Hardcore servers for WoW Classic were announced, these punishing realms are World of Warcraft as you know it with a few twists. Death turns your character into a ghost, free to remain to "facilitate communication with in-game friends and resolve logistical matters such as handing over guild leadership", but not a lot else. PvP is still very much a thing, though measures have been taken to make fighting people more pronounced so as to not accidentally send a poor soul to their grave.

WoW Classic's hardcore servers are out now.

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