‘Worst episode of TV’: Grey’s Anatomy fans fuming over Ellen Pompeo farewell episode

Grey’s Anatomy finally aired Ellen Pompeo’s farewell episode last night (23 February). Unfortunately, fans of the long-running medical drama are not happy at all.

The actor has played the leading role of Meredith Grey for all 19 seasons of the hit ABC medical drama, which first aired in 2005.

Her final episode, titled “I’ll Follow the Sun”, showed Grey departing to move to Boston with her family for a new job.

Pompeo is still going to record voiceovers for the show, and things have been left open for her to return again in the future.

But viewers who have stuck with the show for years called her exit “underwhelming” and a “s*** show”.

Just to quickly recap, the episode saw Meredith’s love interest Nick (Scott Speedman) call Meredith as she boarded the plane to Boston and confess his love for her. She pretended that the line was breaking up and told him she’d call him once she got settled in her new place.

The final words Meredith spoke in the episode came as she read her children a book. “The end of my story is not any kind of ever-after, because I’m still alive, I’m still here, and the sun still rises on my life,” she said.

The sun reference has been perceived as a throwback to Cristina (Sandra Oh) years ago telling Meredith: “He’s not the sun. You are.”

Fans were not impressed. “Last tweet of the night but all I’m saying is, Meredith Grey did not survive a bomb, drowning, a gunman, a plane crash, a burned down house, a dead husband, a dead sister, two dead parents, a bunch of dead friends, for it to end like THAT,” tweeted one viewer.

Ellen Pompeo in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (Kelsey McNeal/ABC/BSkyB/Kobal/Shutterstock)
Ellen Pompeo in ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ (Kelsey McNeal/ABC/BSkyB/Kobal/Shutterstock)

“I don’t understand what they did to Mer’s character development this season… it’s straight outta, ‘How to ruin a main character of 18 years within seven eps for dummies,’” added another.

“Whoever wrote this farewell Ep for Meredith GREY… I hope your pillow is hot on both sides. This was UNDERWHELMING,” posted a third.

A fourth said: “Shondaland, ABC and everyone involved in that trash episode will never know peace from me.”

A fifth wrote: “Tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy was genuinely the worst episode of television I’ve ever seen. That wasn’t a farewell, it was a s*** show.”

Grey’s Anatomy is available to watch on Disney+ and Netflix.