World's richest choose private equity over markets

STORY: Source: UBS

The world’s wealthiest families put more money into private equity than traditional assets in 2021

Private equity posted stellar returns in 2021 with a stimulus-related record surge in deal-making

Meanwhile fixed income investments struggled, amid near zero interest rates and sky-high valuations

Swiss bank UBS surveyed 221 family offices overseeing $493 bln in assets for its report

It found direct allocations rose to 13% from 10% the year before

While indirect allocations were 8% versus 7% the previous year

Fixed income investments declined by 2%, the report says

Even real estate, a traditional favorite, slipped to 12% from 13%

UBS' wealth management arm manages more than $3 trillion in assets

It's famously stated it banks more than half of the world’s billionaires

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