The world's only private deep space antenna

This is the world’s only private deep space antenna

Courtesy: Graham Gaunt

Courtesy: UK Space Agency / OTFilms

Courtesy: Bad Wolf Horizon

Location: Goonhilly, England

The GHY-6 antenna is currently being trained on Mars

It's aimed at the emerging private space exploration sector

to give them access to deep space communications

Courtesy: Goonhilly Earth Station


“At the moment basically all deep space communications are done through the European Space Agency and NASA’s deep space networks but with more and more missions coming online and going into deep space, the space agencies are going to have to focus their networks more and more on some of these newer missions and so there are lots of these legacy missions that are still live, that we still want to be able to exchange signals with and learn about what they’re learning, say for example on Mars, and we’re going to be able to do that through our antenna. But we’re also going to be able to look at private companies who want to go to the moon, to Mars, and facilitate communications for them when the space agencies might not have the capacity to do so on their networks.”