World's longest glass bridge opens to public in Vietnam

STORY: Location: Son La, Vietnam

This is the world's longest glass-bottom bridge

The White Dragon Bridge is 2,073 feet long

Date: MAY 28, 2022

It is now certified by Guinness World Records

[Glen Pollard, Guinness World Records Representative]

"The now recorded longest glass bottom cliffside pathway, and it is spectacular, the engineering required to build that into the side of a cliff but maintain all the features of nature, the greenery, the rocks, is being an amazing project."

The suspension bridge can hold 450 people at a time

[Vi Thi Thu, Visitor]

"I dared not to look down as I am afraid of heights. I imagined in my head what would have happen if I fell through, and it makes me too scared to keep on going."

It links two mountaintops across a 492-foot-deep valley

A Chinese bridge held the previous record

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