World's largest private cloud computing platform promises to slash your hyperperscaler costs by up to 90% — and adds a CDN service to its offering

 Vultr logo.
Vultr logo.

Conventional content delivery networks (CDN) are notoriously complex, often leaving businesses and web developers in need of assistance to configure, manage, and optimize infrastructure cost-effectively and efficiently.

Private cloud computing platform Vultr has introduced a new CDN service that is designed to push content closer to the edge without sacrificing security.

The company claims its new Vultr CDN simplifies infrastructure operations by incorporating global content caching and delivery into the platform’s existing cloud infrastructure, providing the company’s community of over 225,000 developers with ready-to-use services to help them scale their websites and web applications.

Automatic and intelligent scaling

“Over the past decade Vultr has grown to become the world’s largest privately-held cloud computing company, and the launch of Vultr CDN is the next step in strengthening our portfolio of solutions for our worldwide developer community,” said J.J. Kardwell, CEO of Vultr’s parent company, Constant.

“Vultr CDN simplifies content delivery so that developers worldwide can easily enable global, on-demand availability for all of their digital content and digital media.”

Seamless integrations with Vultr Cloud Compute allow Vultr CDN to scale automatically and intelligently, selecting the optimal location for content delivery, thereby optimizing user requests, the company says.

Vultr CDN is available to deploy now and rates start at just $10 a month, with the promise of the industry’s lowest bandwidth costs.

Vultr’s says its rates are significantly lower than the competition, stating its customers pay from $20 a month, compared to $307.41 for AWS, $286.63 for Google Cloud, and $299.14 for Azure.

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