World Snooker Championship LIVE: Results and updates as Mark Selby and Luca Brecel edge thrilling semi-finals

Luca Brecel completed the biggest comeback in Crucible history as he broke Si Jiahui’s heart to claim the most remarkable victory and book his spot in a first World Snooker Championship final.

Brecel’s hopes were dead and buried when he trailed 14-5 in the race to 17 during the third session of their semi-final on Friday evening but won the final five frames of the day to give himself a sniff at 14-10 behind. He then reeled off six straight frames on Saturday afternoon to move within one of victory and, although Si then showed incredible resilience to finally break his losing run, the Belgian star sealed a thrilling 17-15 win.

The quickfire, swashbuckling nature of that match between two young snooker stars was in complete contrast to the other semi-final, where Mark Selby and Mark Allen continue to grind away. Stephen Hendry criticised the pair for casting a "dark cloud" over the Crucible as Friday’s session was forced to end after they completed only five of the scheduled eight frames due to running out of time.

Hendry said Selby and Allen’s play was “not pretty” - but Ronnie O’Sullivan claimed the controversial second session was “good fun”. The seven-time champion argued: “Some people like watching the attacking game, some like the defensive. Maybe they should get their own comedy show together.”

Saturday’s morning session continued to be a scrap, with Allen winning three of the final four frames to stay within one of Selby at 11-10 behind and the game will be played to a conclusion, no matter how late it goes, on Saturday evening. Relive all the action from the Crucible Theatre with our live blog, below:

World Snooker Championship live scores

  • The World Snooker Championship semi-finals provided high drama at the Crucible Theatre

  • RESULT: Mark Selby holds off furious Mark Allen comeback to win 17-15 in marathon semi-final

  • RESULT: Luca Brecel produces biggest comeback in Crucible history to defeat Si Jiahui 17-15 and reach World Championship final

  • Si Jiahui: How bad-tempered child prodigy became snooker’s serene sensation

  • ‘It was not pretty’: Mark Selby and Mark Allen hauled off as play casts ‘dark cloud’

Mark Selby beats Mark Allen 17-15

00:52 , Luke Baker

It was around 12.46am when that semi-final finished. Classic, late-night (early morning) Crucible drama.

Will Mark Selby be able to get himself turned round in about 12 hours and focused to face Luca Brecel in the final? He’ll have to but Brecel might fancy making a quick start. 1pm tomorrow is when it begins.

Mark Selby 17-15 Mark Allen - SELBY WINS FRAME 32 AND THE MATCH!

00:50 , Luke Baker

He’s done it! Mark Selby pots a few more balls and he wins frame 32 to win the match. What an incredible match that was. Not bang-bang-bang century after century but compelling stuff. And Selby looked like he couldn’t get over the line until he finally managed it.

Selby is into the World Championship final for the sixth time, where he will face Luca Brecel.

Mark Selby 16-15 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:48 , Luke Baker

Allen goes for a pot on the red, misses it and this time it doesn’t run safe. Selby left with a red across the table to the middle AND IT’S THERE!

That’s the ball that should send him to the final, just the formalities left now.

Mark Selby 16-15 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:44 , Luke Baker

After a bit of safety, Allen has a look at a cut to the right middle but misses it on the thick side. It runs safe though, so we battle on.

Mark Selby 16-15 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:40 , Luke Baker

Plays to nudge the cluster of four reds in the middle of the table apart, playing down from the yellow. This is probably Allen’s last chance for it to go wrong for Selby.

And it has gone wrong! Selby hits the pink, rather than the reds, meaning the cue ball sticks on the cluster.

A good lead of 64-0 but there’s still 75 points on the table as Selby plays safe. Allen still alive in the frame.

Mark Selby 16-15 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:37 , Luke Baker

The break passes 50 with a simple blue. After that split one red ran on to the left cushion and one close to the right cushion but Selby won’t need either.

The four or five in the middle of the table will do, although they’ll need a little cannon. 62-0 the current score.

Mark Selby 16-15 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:36 , Luke Baker

Selby tidies up a red that’s relatively close to the left cushion. He got a good angle on it to make the pot simpler. Lands on the black and it’s time to attempt the split. Big moment...

Black’s in, the split is ok and he’s got a red to right middle. 48-0 ahead now and getting closer.

Mark Selby 16-15 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:35 , Luke Baker

All straightforward early on in this break for Selby. Reds and blacks with minimal cue ball movement required. He’s quickly 40+ points ahead but still lots of reds left and the pack may need splitting soon.

Mark Selby 16-15 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:33 , Luke Baker

Allen misses a long red to the left corner, it wasn’t that close and he gets the double kiss on the cue ball. Selby left in the balls and it’s another chance for him to move towards victory.

Mark Selby 16-15 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:32 , Luke Baker

The spectators haven’t gone anywhere, even though it’s now 12.30am. You couldn’t leave this drama!


Mark Selby 16-15 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:30 , Luke Baker

What a day of semi-finals this has been. Luca Brecel’s incredible comeback against Si Juahui and now Mark Allen roaring back from 16-10 down to just 16-15 behind against Mark Selby.

Allen gets frame 32 underway, decent enough break-off. Selby has missed so many chances to win now, can he find a way to actually get over the line?

Mark Selby 16-15 Mark Allen (first to 17) - ALLEN WINS FRAME 31

00:26 , Luke Baker

Deary me! Allen looks to have all the balls there but he completely cues across the yellow. Misses his line completely but the green is near the yellow pocket and diverts the yellow in! He got away with one there!

Makes the most of that reprieve as he goes on to clear the colours and Allen wins frame 31. He’s within one frame of Selby at 16-15 and Selby can’t find the one frame he needs!

A day of comebacks at the Crucible.

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:24 , Luke Baker

No! The red looked like it was there, struck well but rattles in both jaws and stays out! That was a match-winning chance for Selby, squandered.

The red rolls over the middle and Allen has a chance to nick this frame from 51-31 behind.

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:23 , Luke Baker

Plenty of thinking time on these shots for both men. Allen sends the red run dangerously towards the green pocket but gets cover on it form the black.

Selby’s safety return is ok but leaves Allen with a long pot to the left corner. Adjusts his sleeves, lines it up but he doesn’t get that close. There’s a potting chance for Selby... It’s not easy but it’s makeable and it’s match-ball...

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:19 , Luke Baker

Oooooof. This is pure sporting tension now! Allen misses the red down the left cushion. Why did he play it so hard? It rattles out of the jaws of the pocket. Big chance missed.

It runs safe though, so we’ll have some safety. It’s currently 51-31 to Selby. The battle on the final red will be key.

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:18 , Luke Baker

The penultimate, easy red cut into the middle but HE MISSES THE BLACK OFF THE SPOT. Focused on getting in nice position for that tricky red down the cushion and took his eye off the pot.

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:17 , Luke Baker

Selby taking the reds in the centre of the table nicely, with a mixture of pinks and blacks. He moves 50-31 ahead with one open red and that red on the left cushion remaining. Next couple of shots are crucial.

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:14 , Luke Baker

Well, this is shredsville now, as Jimmy White would say. Allen misses a green, he cues across it but he was only playing it because he’d run out of positon previously.

Selby now back at the table and pots a red to the middle to start his break. He’s 31-21 behind but they’re pretty much all there for him bar one red on the left cushion. However, given how tense this has become, you’d be mad to predict that he’ll win it at this visit.

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:10 , Luke Baker

Selby slides slightly out of position and misses the red to the left corner when trying to run through to be on the black. Only 14 points scored and Allen gets gifted the chance for more points.

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:08 , Luke Baker

Allen back in and he’s found his scoring boots over the last couple of frames, so will fancy his chances of building a nice lead here. Ooh, but he misses a red to the left corner. It was tight as to whether it went at all and he just hit it a bit thin.

Opportunity missed and from 15-0 down, Selby will have a chance to make his mark in this frame.

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:05 , Luke Baker

Selby attempts a long red to the yellow pocket but it juuuuust stays out. Allen makes no such mistake as he crunches a different red into that pocket, followed by the brown.

That other red in baulk is cleared up before a blue but then he runs out of position trying to land on the available red at the bottom of the pack. Safety, with Allen leading 11-0.

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17)

00:01 , Luke Baker

Frame 31 underway and it’s getting twitchy out there. When Mark Selby was 16-10 ahead about two and a half hours ago, it looked over. but Mark Allen has hit back.

Selby is struggling to get over the finish line.

Mark Selby 16-14 Mark Allen (first to 17) - ALLEN WINS FRAME 30

23:57 , Luke Baker

Stretching for the brown but Allen gets it! Into the yellow pocket and the cue ball comes down to finish on the blue. No issue there, pink and black sunk for good measure and Mark Allen wins frame 30.

It’s now 16-14 as we approach midnight. Selby needs one frame for victory, Allen now only needs three. Late-night drama at the Crucible. The best kind of drama!

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:55 , Luke Baker

Green to brown is the important shot. Plays it quite well but this is a mid-range brown, near the cushion into the yellow pocket. HE’S MISSED IT!

Rattles out of the jaws and bounces across the table, then back again. It’s on for Allen and he just needs brown and the blue

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:54 , Luke Baker

Allen left with a horribly thin cut to the middle on the yellow and HE MISSES IT! Overcuts it. Selby back at the table, pots the yellow, on the green but the brown isn’t in a great position near the left cushion. Selby needs all the colours. 51-38 behind.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:52 , Luke Baker

It’s Selby who cracks first. Playing the red up to baulk and leaving the white down the other end but the red is pottable to the yellow pocket.

Allen makes no mistake and then pots the blue to the middle. 51-36 lead as he looks to clear the colours

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:49 , Luke Baker

It’s Allen’s turn to be snookered but he comes off the top cushion to roll up to the red on the side cushion. It feels like a vital battle on this final red.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:47 , Luke Baker

Allen then pulls out a lovely pot on the red to the right corner but doesn’t land on a colour. He cannons off the brown to roll up behind the yellow - granite safety play. Selby in a bit of trouble here, having to come off three cushions to hit the final red down near the black.

Judged perfectly! Lovely shot. Allen has control of this safety exchange though as he snookers the Jester from Leicester again with the next shot, behind the black this time

23:44 , Luke Baker

Selby pots the cue ball off a safety shot but no real damage done as there’s no pot on a red for Allen. Just another four points to the Northern Irishman - he leads 44-36 as the tussle continues.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:41 , Luke Baker

Allen tries to cannon the red near the baulk line off the cushion but the cue ball somehow goes round the back of it and runs into the middle of the table.

He brushes off the disappointment and plays a good safety shot. Allen leads 40-36 with two reds left.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:40 , Luke Baker

Another great pot, a black along the top cushion with the rest. Allen really is battling here. He gets himself ahead of Selby in the frame at 40-36 but a couple of problem reds remaining. One on the right cushion, one on the left-side of the table, up near the baulk line.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:38 , Luke Baker

Extended rest and big cue extension comes out from underneath the table as Allen has another thin cut to the right corner. Oohs and ahs from the crowd as the red looks like missing but just drops into the pocket! Relief for Allen.

He’s able to pot the green and then another red with the normal rest. He’s working hard but still at the table. 36-16 behind.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:36 , Luke Baker

A couple of world-class shots by both men returning the white ball to baulk through serious traffic. Allen pretty much forced into a pot and pulls out a cracker to the right corner!

A nudge on another red lands him nicely on the pink and he’s got a scoring chance now, trailing 36-11 with seven reds on the table.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:32 , Luke Baker

A compelling safety exchange, initially tapping around the pack before Allen plays a nice defensive shot into baulk. Superb return by Selby though, giving his opponent no easy route back.

Allen hits his shot too thick and the cue ball only just travels past the middle pocket but it is tight to the right cushion at least. Selby doesn’t quite hit his shot right but no real damage done. We carry on with this safety tussle. Score remains 36-4 to Selby.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:25 , Luke Baker

Selby has really slowed down now. Is he overthinking things a bit? He takes 2mins 20s on a safety shot and in the end, it’s not great. Mark Allen gets a pot at a red to the right corner and thumps it home.

He’s on the green, which he pots but runs the cue ball too far, into the pink above the pack and he’s not on a red. Nerves are jangling here. Plays safe after just four points.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:21 , Luke Baker

Hmmm, Selby makes a bit of a mess of that. Off the aforementioned blue, he leaves himself short on the red above the black. Makes the pot but position is tough and he runs out of position, cue ball tucked on the blue. He’s forced to play safe.

He should have been getting more than seven points there. 36-0 now.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:18 , Luke Baker

Good safety from Selby forces a mistake from Allen and the Englishman has a look at a pot to the right middle. Not easy, a cut across the table, but Selby gets it and finishes nicely on the blue.

Another scoring chance with his lead currently at 30-0. He only needs one more frame to make the final, remember.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:14 , Luke Baker

Selby runs out of position though and plays a glancing safety off the pack of reds. 25 points scored from that visit to the table - certainly not decisive.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:12 , Luke Baker

Selby pulls out a lovely pot to the right corner, a thin cut with the cue ball running back up to baulk, to give himself the first chance in frame 30. Can he put this game to bed?

The black is free but the reds will need splitting soon.

Mark Selby 16-13 Mark Allen (first to 17) - ALLEN WIN FRAME 29

23:08 , Luke Baker

Allen is able to pot one red but no colour follows. Then he makes a mistake with a safety shot, leaving Selby a look at a long, straight red into the right corner. It’s close but rattles both jaws, four rattles and then spat back on to the table!

Allen plays a safety shot with a chance of doubling the red to the middle pocket and it goes in! He’s on the black and that allows him to get on the final red, a couple of colours that he needs and Allen wins the frame.

Three in a row for the Northern Irishman and he now only trails by three... He couldn’t, could he...?

Mark Selby 16-12 Mark Allen (first to 17)

23:01 , Luke Baker

With the black tied up, Selby is having to go up and down for the blue. It just adds an extra degree of difficulty to most shots. A couple of lovely strikes in there but eventually he’s got a pink to the left middle pocket but no real way of getting on the next red.

So, he turns down the pot and plays a tight safety instead, putting the cue ball up in baulk. The score is 45-20 to Allen with three reds left on the table - two below the pink and one next to the black, tying it up.

Mark Selby 16-12 Mark Allen (first to 17)

22:56 , Luke Baker

Oooh, could that be a big moment? Allen is on 45 when he misses a red to the right corner with the rest. He hit it a bit thick.

Selby has a red available so can start closing the deficit.

Mark Selby 16-12 Mark Allen (first to 17)

22:53 , Luke Baker

Mark Allen gets in first once again in frame 29. A couple of reds potted and then he tries to split the pack but doesn’t land great. However, he pulls out a tricky pot to the left middle to keep the break going!

Black is tied up and pink out of position. He leaves himself a long blue to the yellow pocket and HE NAILS IT. Huge roars from the Crucible crowd - a big moment. He moves the break on to 35 and he’s back in positon.

Mark Allen makes it two in a row

22:51 , Luke Baker

Back-to-back frames for Mark Allen. Can he keep the momentum going?

Mark Selby 16-12 Mark Allen (first to 17) - ALLEN WINS FRAME 28

22:45 , Luke Baker

Allen gets a look to pot the final red and takes it. A lovely cut into the green pocket. He then clears the colours and wins frame 28. It took a couple of attempts but he gets over the line and moves one closer. 16-12 now.

Mark Selby 16-11 Mark Allen (first to 17)

22:41 , Luke Baker

A really poor shot from Selby as he comes up well short when trying to drop on a red dead-weight down the table. Four points given away and more importantly, Allen has a red to the middle.

He pots it but is short on the black and then a cannon on the last remaining red goes wrong. So just a safety shot again, although he now leads 61-39 with one red left.

Mark Selby 16-11 Mark Allen (first to 17)

22:37 , Luke Baker

Polishing off the loose reds with pinks and blacks puts Allen ahead in the frame, 42-39 and he lines up the angle on the black to try and free the tied-up reds.

The black is safely potted but he goes cushion-first into the reds and it doesn’t quite work. Just a safety shot, so he leads 49-39 with two reds left on the table. A big safety tussle coming up

Mark Selby 16-11 Mark Allen (first to 17)

22:35 , Luke Baker

Allen digs out a nice long red from baulk and it gives him another half chance. Cherry-picks another red from the end of a cluster before a gorgeous cannon when potting the pink frees another couple. Great shot.

He’s 39-10 behind with at least another three reds available, so should be able to eliminate the deficit before having to deal with a couple of reds tied up on the top cushion.

Mark Selby 16-11 Mark Allen (first to 17)

22:26 , Luke Baker

Selby ends up towards the baulk line and is forced to take the yellow but fails to get position on the next red. So he plays safe after a break of 35, with the frame score at 39-1.

Can Allen win the safety battle to give himself the next scoring opportunity?

Mark Selby 16-11 Mark Allen (first to 17)

22:23 , Luke Baker

A series of delicate cannons on reds near the black for Selby and although he’s never quite in perfect position, his lead stretches beyond 30 points. There’s still plenty here for him,

Mark Selby 16-11 Mark Allen (first to 17)

22:21 , Luke Baker

An Allen safety flicks the blue and leaves Selby a red to the right corner, which he sticks away with aplomb. He’s on the black, which is towards the right cushion, and he gets nicely on a red from that.

He’s up and running here and the reds are very well spread to make a sizeable contribution and potentially close the match out.

Mark Allen still fighting

22:18 , Luke Baker

He won his first frame of the evening but Mark Allen will need a lot more before he can harbour genuine ambitions of winning this match

Mark Selby 16-11 Mark Allen (first to 17) - ALLEN WINS FRAME 27

22:09 , Luke Baker

And Allen does take that second chance with minimal fuss. Comfortably wins the frame for his first of the evening. Needs a lot more where that came from though.

Mark Selby 16-10 Mark Allen (first to 17)

22:06 , Luke Baker

Allen working hard in this break and pulls out a lovely thin cut on the black into a blind corner pocket to move the break to 43. Deserved better position than that and is forced to play a red with the rest, hampered by the blue.

It hits both jaws and stays out of the right corner. Selby back at the table, 43-0 down but misses a red to the middle. Allen with a second chance here to extend his lead.

Mark Selby 16-10 Mark Allen (first to 17)

21:58 , Luke Baker

Stunning long red from Mark Allen to fashion himself a chance in this frame - heart of the right corner pocket, never anywhere but in. He’s got to play no-miss snooker now and frankly, needs to be reeling off frames in one visit.

He lands on the yellow from that long red and can now get to work.

Mark Selby 16-10 Mark Allen (first to 17) - SELBY WINS FRAME 26 WITH A CENTURY

21:51 , Luke Baker

Selby couldn’t get close to the penultimate red off the black but a brilliant thin cut into the corner! Another classy pot and Mark Allen now needs snookers in this frame.

Selby makes a total clearance and wins frame 26 with a break of 103. The four-time champion is now just one frame away from his sixth World Championship final. It’s hard to see a way back for his Northern Irish opponent from here.

Mark Selby 15-10 Mark Allen (first to 17)

21:47 , Luke Baker

Selby leaves the cue ball short of pace for the pink when on 49. He cuts it in beautifully and goes around, off three cushions, in and out of baulk to try and land on a red on the top cushion. Tremendous cue power from Selby.

He doesn’t quite land on the top of the two reds, so will take the trickier one tighter to the cushion. Great pot! And he lands on the black. The break is 56 and still going. He’s edging closer to the line in this frame

Can Mark Allen mount a comeback?

21:45 , Luke Baker

Eurosport pundits Jimmy White and Alan McManus have given their thoughts on what Mark Allen needs to do to battle his way back into this semi-final

Mark Selby 15-10 Mark Allen (first to 17)

21:42 , Luke Baker

That could be a costly error from Allen. There’s a red over the corner pocket but he can’t quite get to the potting angle as easily as hoped and ends up missing it.

That leaves Selby plum in the balls and that 21-point Allen advantage is soon eradicated. 29 points and counting for Selby.

Mark Selby 15-10 Mark Allen (first to 17)

21:37 , Luke Baker

The players are back after the mid-session interval. If Mark Allen is to turn this match around, he needs to get a foothold in the very near future.

He can’t keep letting Mark Selby get in first in each frame and he does break that cycle with a nice red to open up here. He can only make a break of 21 before running out of position but it’s a start.

Mark Selby 15-10 Mark Allen - SELBY WINS FRAME 25

21:07 , Luke Baker

The frame passes the 30-minute mark with Allen still looking for the snooker he needs. Selby is one of the greatest of all-time at laying, and getting out of, snookers so he looks fairly unfazed.

Eventually, Selby gets a look at the red to the green pocket and he finds the heart of it to win another frame. He’s won all four this evening as we head for the mid-session interval.

Selby will be just two away from victory when they return and Mark Allen needs to find something from somewhere.

Mark Selby 14-10 Mark Allen

21:04 , Luke Baker

Allen pots a couple of reds with colours and then tries for a few minutes to get a snooker on the final red. Eventually, he leaves Selby a potting chance but the Jester from Leicester rattles it int he jaws of the yellow pocket.

On we go.

Mark Selby 14-10 Mark Allen

20:59 , Luke Baker

Mark Allen tries to play a thin safety off the red but misses it completely, which gifts four points to Selby and means he now needs a snooker in this frame. Not great from the Northern Irishman.

Selby moving closer to a five-frame lead.

Mark Selby 14-10 Mark Allen

20:55 , Luke Baker

A thin cut on a red into the right corner moves Selby closer and he then takes the green but runs out of position trying to play down on the final red he needs to leave Allen needing snookers.

So, with the score at 58-7 - a lead of 51 with 51 points remaining - Selby plays safe

Mark Selby 14-10 Mark Allen

20:54 , Luke Baker

Selby is working exclusively with the blue in this break but, importantly, keeps getting top side of it every time to make it easier to get on the next red down the table.

The break moves to 47 when he leaves himself a mid-range red into the left corner. He’s dead straight on it so can’t do much with the cue ball but pots a nice blue up into the green pocket. His lead is 54-7 and he only needs a couple more reds

Mark Selby 14-10 Mark Allen

20:48 , Luke Baker

Selby gets back in and will hope to make a reasonable contribution here. There’s a few reds available, the black can be potted into the left corner and the blue is uncovered.

He’s starting to look more comfortable at the table, so will want to twist the knife here

Mark Selby 14-10 Mark Allen

20:43 , Luke Baker

Really unlucky for Selby. He thumps a long red into the left corner but the cue ball cannons off another red, into the black on the top cushion, which flies into the right corner pocket.

Seven points to Mark Allen. Doesn’t leave him on a red though.

Mark Selby 14-10 Mark Allen - SELBY WINS FRAME 24

20:34 , Luke Baker

And Selby does indeed get over the line to win the frame. Digs out a nice red, pots the yellow to put the frame beyond doubt and goes on to clear the table for a break of 57.

He now leads by four frames with just one left before the mid-session interval. Mark Allen needs to find a way to change the momentum immediately, otherwise he’s heading home.

Mark Selby 13-10 Mark Allen

20:28 , Luke Baker

Selby finds a long red but doesn’t land on a colour. Only one point before the safety but it’s eight possible points removed for Allen, so the four-time champion is edging closer to the line.

He leads 65-0 with 67 points available.

Mark Selby 13-10 Mark Allen

20:19 , Luke Baker

Selby has been picking off the loose reds and takes the break beyond 50. By cherry-picking, more reds are becoming available so he might not need to split a main cluster of reds apart at all.

He now leads 64-0 and only needs two more reds with colours to take the frame. But he’s only left himself a really tricky red to middle, while hampered by the black, so it’ll just be a safety shot. Six reds and 75 points still available, so Mark Allen not out of this frame yet.

Luca Brecel discusses his remarkable comeback against Si Jiahui

20:15 , Luke Baker

Luca Brecel spoke to World Snooker after his incredible comeback victory in the first semi-final earlier today.

Mark Selby 13-10 Mark Allen

20:13 , Luke Baker

Selby gets in first again in frame 24 - he’s starting to turn the screw despite not playing particularly well. He’s in and around the black spot, currently on a break of 28, although the pack will need splitting at some point

Luca Brecel stunned to pull off greatest-ever World Championship comeback - ‘I was shaking’

20:09 , Luke Baker

Luca Brecel produced the greatest-ever Crucible comeback as he won 11 frames in a row against Si Jiahui to book his place in the World Snooker Championship final.

The Belgian, who conquered Ronnie O’Sullivan in the quarter-final, looked certain to be heading home as he trailed 14-5 in the race to 17 after a dominant opening by Si.

But he started his miraculous recovery by winning the final five frames of Friday’s night session and offered up more of the same on Saturday afternoon to complete a remarkable 17-15 victory.

In doing so Brecel became the first player in Crucible history to overturn a nine-frame deficit and booked his first final in Sheffield, having never previously got past the first round.

It was difficult not to feel some sympathy for Si, who at 20 years old looked set to become the youngest Crucible finalist in history, as he looked increasingly solemn in his chair as Brecel kept on winning frame after frame.

Luca Brecel stunned to pull off greatest World Championship comeback: ‘I was shaking’

Mark Selby 13-10 Mark Allen - SELBY WINS FRAME 23

20:04 , Luke Baker

Allen wins that safety battle. Puts Selby in behind the back and forces the miss. He opts to take a red to the middle pocket, rather than replacing the snooker and making Selby play again, but misses! He sticks it up over the corner pocket and Selby does the rest.

The last couple of reds are potted with ease and although he leaves the yellow int he jaws of the pocket, the deficit is too great for his opponent to bother coming back to the table Selby wins the frame. Suddenly he only needs four frames for victory...

Mark Selby 12-10 Mark Allen

19:58 , Luke Baker

Selby plays his best shot of the evening so far. A mid-range pink finds the heart of the pocket and he splits two reds that are on the cushion, bringing both into pottable positions. Lovely, lovely stuff and that should be a frame winner.

He’s left with another tricky pot on frame ball, a red along the bottom cushion... It would put him 43 points ahead with just 35 remaining. Actually, he turns down the pot. Plays a safety, with the red going towards the middle pocket. So Allen is still alive - trailing by 42 with 43 points left on the table

Mark Selby 12-10 Mark Allen

19:53 , Luke Baker

13 points is all Allen can muster and Selby gets himself back in, leading 29-13. Three or four reds on the cushion will be an obstacle in winning this frame though

Mark Selby 12-10 Mark Allen

19:48 , Luke Baker

Yes he can. Selby completely messes up a relatively simple safety - something you never see when he’s at his best - and Allen is plum in among the balls here.

The reds aren’t particularly well-situated but the Northern Irishman should be able to string together a few points at the very least

Mark Selby 12-10 Mark Allen

19:45 , Luke Baker

The cue ball is never under tight control for Selby and he breaks down on 19, forced to play a safety. Can Allen force his first scoring chance of the evening?

Mark Selby 12-10 Mark Allen

19:41 , Luke Baker

Selby misses a plant to the corner but no damage done and, a couple of shots later, gets his opportunity as an Allen safety sees the cue ball hit the bump of the right-middle pocket.

It’s an easy red to begin the break for Selby and he’ll look to establish a nice lead.

Mark Selby 12-10 Mark Allen

19:34 , Luke Baker

Aggressive shot from Selby as he pots a red to the middle and cannons into the pack to free more reds but he’s unlucky not to land nicely on a colour, so it’s just a containing safety off the black.

Whichever player gets in next here will have a good opportunity to build a decent lead, the way the reds are situated. That makes this safety battle important.

Mark Selby 12-10 Mark Allen - SELBY WINS FRAME 22

19:30 , Luke Baker

A workmanlike break from Selby but he gets over the line to win the first frame of the evening. Not vintage Selby by any stretch but breaks of 37 and 36 are enough.

And importantly for anyone hoping to get to bed at a reasonable time this evening, it doesn’t take 45 minutes...

Mark Selby 11-10 Mark Allen

19:27 , Luke Baker

Actually, in fairness to Allen that was pretty tricky opening red, with the cue ball tight on the side cushion, but he pots it to the right middle However, it’s a tough black, a thin cut and he leaves it in the jaws.

A wry smile as he trudges back to his seat because Selby is straight back in here and can kill off this frame

Mark Selby 11-10 Mark Allen

19:25 , Luke Baker

Oh wow! That’s the sort of run of the balls that will help. Selby misses a tricky red with the rest when on 36 but it bounces into other reds and sends one into the middle. What a fluke!

He’s out of position on the yellow though and rattles the jaws with it. Now Mark Allen will have a nice starter red and only trails by 37 points.

Mark Selby 11-10 Mark Allen

19:20 , Luke Baker

A nice long red floated in by Selby early in frame 22. He was turning down long (and mid-range...) pots in the previous session, so that’s a good sign as to where his confidence is at.

He then sneaks the black in along the bottom cushion. How did that go in?! He’s in the balls now and will look to build a decent lead.

Mark Selby 11-10 Mark Allen

19:12 , Luke Baker

Ok, the boys are on the baize and this compelling, if marathon, semi-final is set to continue. Selby leads 11-10 with 17 the target for victory and a place in the final against Luca Brecel.

Mark Selby and Mark Allen getting ready to resume

18:51 , Luke Baker

We’re not far away now from the other semi-final continuing at the Crucible. Mark Selby and Mark Allen are in a marathon with Selby leading 11-10 heading into the final session, which starts at 7pm BST.

It’s a best of 33, so there are a potential 12 frames to be played this evening... This could go late folks.


Mark Allen battles against Mark Selby in scrappy World Championship semi-final

18:06 , Mike Jones

Mark Allen won three of the final four frames to stay within one of Mark Selby in their scrappy World Championship semi-final.

Former champion Stephen Hendry accused the pair of casting a “dark cloud” over the Crucible with their attritional play during a second session on Friday that was halted three frames early.

Although it was hardly thrilling stuff, they at least managed eight frames in the opening session on Saturday, with Selby turning his 7-6 lead into an 11-10 advantage to set up a tense evening decider.

The morning belonged to Selby, with the four-time former champion opening up a 10-7 lead thanks to breaks of 63, 112 and 53.

Mark Allen battles against Mark Selby in scrappy World Championship semi-final

Luca Brecel defeats Si Jiahui 17-15 to reach World Championship final

17:41 , Mike Jones

 (Getty Images)
(Getty Images)

Luca Brecel defeats Si Jiahui 17-15 to reach World Championship final

17:35 , Mike Jones

What a wonderful match between two incredible players. Luca Brecel will be a force in the final for either Mark Selby or Mark Allen.

Si Jiahui will be gutted. He came up against a monster just couldn’t get over the line.

Luca Brecel defeats Si Jiahui 17-15 to reach World Championship final

17:33 , Mike Jones

What a fight back from Luca Brecel. It’s the biggest ever comeback at the Crucible. He was 14 frames to 5 down to win the semi-final 17-15.


Si Jiahui trails Luca Brecel at 15-16

17:31 , Mike Jones

He does miss! But it’s not the worst result.

The red squirts away from the pocket and Brecel will need to thinly slice it in. There’s no doubt he’ll take it on.

It drops! Oh my, what a shot from the Belgian. He just needs the colours and the match is his.

Si Jiahui trails Luca Brecel at 15-16

17:29 , Mike Jones

He can. Si pots all but one of the reds in a break of 40 but decides to snooker instead of taking on a tricky colour from the cushion.

Brecel escapes it but there may be a slight chance for Si to sneak this one in. It’s a difficult slice down the right cushion to the bottom pocket.

Alternatively there’s an easy safety for him to play if he wants to go that route. This is a big decision, if he goes for the pot and misses then his World Championship could be over.

Si Jiahui trails Luca Brecel at 15-16

17:24 , Mike Jones

How’s that not dropped? Luca Brecel looks to have his spot in the final sown up but he misses a cut to the bottom left and has to leave the table with a 44 point lead.

Can Si Jiahui capitalise?

Si Jiahui trails Luca Brecel at 15-16

17:19 , Mike Jones

A slight error from Si Jiahui leaves Luca Brecel on a red into the bottom right. He plays it nicely and leaves himself with a cut on the blue to the middle right.

The difficulty is in missing the colours with the cueball but he manages it.

The reds are in the open and Brecel leaves the cueball among them. This is a massive opportunity for him now. He leads by 8 with the break ongoing.

Si Jiahui trails Luca Brecel at 15-16

17:15 , Mike Jones

This match is well and truly alive but Luca Brecel continues to impress. There’s a half chance at a pot with a long shot down the table into the bottom left.

He smokes it home then decides against trying to roll the yellow into the middle right.

Back to safety play. Brecel leads 1-0.

Si Jiahui trails Luca Brecel at 15-16

17:09 , Mike Jones

Incredible. Absolutely incredible.

After a run of 11 frames without a win, Si Jiahui gets his opportunity and rattles off a break of 91 to finally get off 14.

There’s just one frame in this match with a max of two frames to play. What character from the 20-year-old.

Si Jiahui trails Luca Brecel at 14-16

17:04 , Mike Jones

Here’s a good response from Si Jiahui. He gets on the board first and calmly notches up a break of 35. His first real trouble sees him needing to plant a red into the bottom right pocket from out of the pack and he nails it!

Will there be another twist to this semi-final?

A cannon into the reds after potting the black opens up the table and this is Si’s frame to lose now.

Si Jiahui trails Luca Brecel at 14-16

16:56 , Mike Jones

Wow. Just wow. Sit back and enjoy the wonder that is Luca Brecel. A magnificent break of 73 takes the Belgian to within one frame of the World Championship final.

He’s won 11 frames in a row and done so with style.

Si Jiahui trails Luca Brecel at 14-15

16:48 , Mike Jones

Oh my. Brecel lines up the black to roll it down the cushion but miscues it and ends his break at 7. The pressure is mounting on both players.

Si steps up, pots a decent red then misses the simplest of shots on the blue!

What is going on?

Si Jiahui trails Luca Brecel at 14-15

16:45 , Mike Jones

The crowd don’t want this match to end. Si Jiahui slots a red into the middle left and leaves himself on the black early in the 30th frame.

His break moves up to nine but he’s got a terrible angle on the black. The 20-year-old goes for it but leaves the colour next to the pocket.

Opportunity for Brecel.

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