The World’s Smallest Elf on the Shelf Is the Cutest Take on Your Kids’ Favorite Holiday Trend

Isabel Garcia
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From House Beautiful

If your family loves Elf on the Shelf, we've found something that will make the Christmas tradition even more fun this holiday season: this adorable mini replica of Santa's magical scout elf.

In case you need a quick refresher of the tradition, here's the gist: The Elf on the Shelf is a game and character based on a book about an elf who helps Santa by observing whether kids have been naughty or nice. Every night he reports his observations back to Santa, and returns to his family in a brand new spot. So each night leading up to Christmas, parents find a new spot for the elf so their children get to try and find them each morning. The one rule? Kids aren't allowed to touch the elf.

Whether you begin the tradition right when December starts or a couple weeks before Christmas, coming up with creative ideas for your elf can be challenging. Enter the Elf on the Shelf replica. He's so tiny that there are plenty more places to hide him. And when we say he's tiny, we mean it: from the tip of his hat to the bottom of his feet measures less than four inches. Even if you don't love the Elf on the Shelf game, this mini elf makes a festive doll for kids (the description recommends ages 6 and up) that's perfect for the holiday season. It's also great to put on display or give as a stocking stuffer.

A highly-rated product on Amazon, the miniature Elf on the Shelf has an average 4.8-star rating from more than 700 global reviews. Shoppers love how cute the elf is and that it looks exactly like the original one. "There's so much more you can do with this guy due to his scale," one reviewer wrote. "He can hide better and use a lot of the small furnishings that my daughter has lying around the house. We will use him along with his 4 older siblings. This will be a fun elf season!"

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