World record for longest handcrafted baguette broken in France

The world record for baking the longest handcrafted baguette has been broken in France, in a 10-hour task which has required “true spirit and collective sportsmanship”.

For the new official Guinness World Record, which was set on Sunday in Suresnes, Paris, the baguette came in at 140.53 metres, beating the previous record of 132.62 metres.

Eighteen bakers were mobilised to break the record formerly held by Italy after a bake in Como in 2019.

A group of bakers
The record-breaking baguette measured at 140.53 metres (Ville de Suresnes/Yazid Menour/PA)

The feat required 90kg of flour, 60 litres of water, 1.2kg of salt and 1.2kg of yeast to cook the 152kg of dough.

Dominique Anract, president of the National Confederation of French Baking, said: “A record for the longest handcrafted baguette requires true spirit and collective sportsmanship.

“In this year of the Olympics, congratulations to all our artisan bakers.

“Bread is an engine of performance, our baguette is an essential part of our gastronomic heritage.”

A group of bakers standing around the baguette
The baguette took 10 hours to make (Ville de Suresnes/Yazid Menour/PA)

Guillaume Boudy, mayor of Suresnes and vice-president of the Council of Hauts-de-Seine, said: “Suresnes is proud to have been the scene of this record for the longest baguette in the world, which promotes a national symbol of our gastronomy as well as the artisans who perpetuate their know-how.

“I congratulate the bakers from Suresnes who participated in the baking and maintain the daily sharing traditions essential to the conviviality of our city.”

A group of people cheering with their Guinness World Record certificates
Pieces of the baguette were later handed out (Ville de Suresnes/Yazid Menour/PA)

Preparations started at 3am to ensure the baguette was at least 5cm thick to qualify for the official record.

The dough was kneaded, shaped and baked on site in public in a custom rolling tent oven.

Pieces of the baguette were later handed out to onlookers.