World’s first postage stamp goes to auction

'The Penny Black' is the world’s first postage stamp

It was introduced in 1840

featuring a profile of Britain's Queen Victoria

Location: London, England

This is one of three Penny Blacks believed to have survived

from the very first sheet of printed stamps

It's now being offered at auction

with a price estimate of up to $8.25 million

SOUNDBITE) (English) OWNER OF PENNY BLACK, ALAN HOLYOAKE, SAYING:"The auction price in sterling will be set at between four and 6 million. I'd be disappointed if it didn't therefore exceed that because this is a world icon, it is the world's first stamp. It took me three years with a team of people to collect the information and to be able to validate. It is certified by all of the top authorities and has been shown in major events as the star item, so today you have a different thing to that that I bought and the price of which I paid originally."

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