World Cup 2022: President Biden calls USMNT to wish them good luck

The U.S. Men’s National Team received a special phone call on Friday night prior to the team’s opening match in Qatar.

Video transcript

- Here we go, guys. Showtime, guys, you ready? It says [? potis. ?] That's where it's coming from.

- Sir, you have the US Men's National Soccer team.

JOE BIDEN: Coach, put me in. I'm ready to play.


You guys, I know you're the underdog, but I'll tell you what, man, you've got some of the best players in the world on your team. And you're representing this country, and I know you're going to play your hearts out. So let's go shock them all. Keep trusting in one another, play as hard as you can, and for you and your families, your teammates, and the whole country is rooting for you.

- That's a very nice message, Mr. President. The whole team is here right now, and we really appreciate your support. And we're ready to go. Guys, you want to say hi?

- Hello, thank you.

- Did you get any of that?

JOE BIDEN: I got some of it. I got some of it.

- A lot of thank you's and a lot of hello's.

JOE BIDEN: I wish I were there to see you. I really do. Go get em, guys. Just play your hearts out.

- We've got this.

JOE BIDEN: I know you will. I know you will.

- All right, that was nice.