World champ Arshad wins Jemputan’s Tekken 7 tournament, Malaysian youth makes it to top 8

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, November 5 — JEMPUTAN's Tekken 7 PS4 Tournament in Malaysia, held at the prestigious gateway2@KLIA mall last weekend witnessed an electrifying display of skill and passion for competitive gaming.

Two pivotal moments marked the tournament, one that showed what legends are made of and the other showcased the immense talent in the Malaysian Esports scene.

Arslan 'Ash' Siddique, a legendary figure in the world of Esports and a four-time Tekken 7 Evo champion, reasserted his supremacy by clinching the title in a thrilling showdown over the weekend in 'JEMPUTAN: Tekken 7 Championship’.

Arslan showcased his remarkable skills and strategic brilliance, defeating South Korea's formidable Sun-woong "LowHigh" Yoon in a gripping final.

His victory resonated deeply with fans and competitors alike, solidifying his status as one of the greatest players in the history of competitive Tekken.

Amidst the intense competition, a Malaysian player emerged as a beacon of hope and inspiration for the local scene. 24-year-old Muhammad Zarif Aiman's calm and composed journey in the competition led him to the coveted Top 8 spot, an accomplishment celebrated by the entire Malaysian esports community.

This remarkable achievement not only reflects the rising prowess of Malaysian gamers but also promises a bright future for the nation in the world of competitive Tekken.

In the words of Arslan 'Ash' Siddique: "I am grateful for the opportunity to compete in Malaysia and witness the incredible talent in this country.

"Malaysian players have the potential to compete at the highest level, and I encourage them to keep honing their skills and chasing their dreams in the world of competitive Tekken.

"The support and passion I've seen here are truly inspiring," he told Malay Mail.

The organiser, Reacch Productions said they are elated by the resounding success of the tournament and its positive reception.

"As a testament to the passion and dedication of Malaysian gamers, this event exemplified the potential for growth in the country's Esports landscape.

"Reach Productions encourages and supports Malaysian esports enthusiasts to take the leap and compete at higher levels," the company said adding that the event was not only about competition but also about building a supportive gaming community.

Second runner-up Kim "Kkokkoma" Mu-jong from South Korea and third runner-up Hasan "JoKa" Rehman from the United Kingdom also exhibited exceptional gameplay throughout the tournament.

Attendees had the opportunity to meet gaming industry professionals, exchange tips, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.

Overall gamers and Esports enthusiasts were treated to a spectacular showcase of skill, competition, and camaraderie at the event that captivated both participants and spectators alike as players showcased their mastery of combos, counterattacks, and mind games.

The tournament showcased fierce battles, memorable moments, and exceptional sportsmanship With a total of 130 participants including 18 foreign players from United Kingdom, Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, Pakistan, Thailand and the Philipines.

Participants each with their unique fighting style and strategies, engaged in intense battles, with the ultimate goal of being crowned champion while fostering a diverse and inclusive Esports community.

The event was co-organised with Esports Putrajaya, REF Venture and supported by Rakan Muda and the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

It is imperative to note that JEMPUTAN: Tekken 7 Championship’ is recognised under theTekken World Tour Dojo tournaments.

Dojo tournaments play a crucial role in Tekken World Tour as they allow players of all skill levels to participate and earn ranking points.

JEMPUTAN is an Esports tourism tournament that bridges the gap between virtual and real-world experiences, creating a vibrant subculture within the broader world of tourism and entertainment.