World’s baking champion struggles with energy prices

This baking champion says he’s getting burned by rising energy prices


"The rise of electricity has added 50 percent more to the final bill. Then, we have to add the cereal costs, which this month is already the third increase in the year, and the shipping costs because the cost of gasoline has increased a lot, so it's more damage to artisan's work."

Location: Lebrija, Spain

Spaniard Domi Velez is a fifth-generation baker

Date: October 26, 2021

and was crowned world’s baking champion in Berlin in 2021

beating 44 contestants from around the world

He runs artisan bakery Velez’s Oven

but his promising operation is now compromised by soaring energy costs

He has appealed to his government to lower taxes on electricity


"We used to pay between 950 and 1,000 euros for electricity and now we pay 2,000 euros approximately, depending on the month."

(SOUNDBITE) (Spanish) WORLD BAKER CHAMPION, DOMI VELEZ, SAYING:"We do not have the means to be able to counteract this type of rise and we end up having to raise the cost of the product, with all that implies. It's another wrench in the works of the artisan. The electricity industry gets certain advantages from this and as always, we are the harmed ones."

The Spanish government announced caps on electricity taxes in September

but some of the steps have yet to be reflected in bills

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