Works minister is livid with lorry drivers causing multimillion-ringgit damage to Bakun road, asks residents for picture proof

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

BINTULU, Sept 9 — Frustrated with heavy vehicle drivers who repeatedly break the 36-tonne limit for the 128km Bakun road towards the under-construction dam, federal Works Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi today told nearby residents to snap photos and videos of them in the act.

He said he had received reports of such drivers who deliberately broke the rules, adding that some have even dismantled the gantries that were installed to prevent their entry on the road.

Nanta, who was at the junction this morning to check the road conditions, said it was his second inspection in two months.

He found it to be heavily damaged.

“Therefore, in line with the the launch of Public Works Ministry's #MYJalan Campaign by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on August 24 this year, I have discussed a collaboration with local residents as well as requesting the help of other road users to report immediately such actions of the heavy vehicle drivers,” he told reporters.

He said they are encouraged to take pictures and videos of acts that violate the rules and report them through the “MYJalan” application, so appropriate actions can be taken immediately.

He said through the #MYJalan Campaign, a comprehensive action is being implemented involving the federal Ministry of Transport to find a long-term solution, ensuring that the issue of road damage caused by overloaded vehicles can be reduced.

He said his ministry had approved RM7 million to repair the badly damaged Bakun road and RM500,000 for the installation of the gantries.

“This provision, among other things, involves the immediate repair of critical road damage locations and the installation of gantries and road signs of the permitted load weight limit,” he said.

Nanta said his ministry also plans to widen parts of the route at suitable locations for the convenience of the users next year, depending on the approval in the 2024 Budget.

“In total, the ministry needs RM30 million to upgrade this route and I assure you that we will try to get the allocation for the comfort and safety of users,” he said.