Workers remove statue of slave trader Robert Milligan in London

Workers remove a statue of 18th-century slave trader Robert Milligan in London's Canary Wharf outside the Museum of London Docklands. The statue of Robert Milligan was removed by the Canal and River Trust on Tuesday (June 9) to "recognise the wishes of the community." The clip was posted to Twitter (@NyembaS) with the caption: "Love to see it. Statue of slave trader, Robert Milligan being taken down at Canary Wharf." Stephen Nyemba, the filmer told Newsflare: "This was a sanctioned removal and there were professionals responsible for the removal of the statue. There were also over 20 police officers to keep the peace and media outlets covering the story. People were clapping and others playing drums in support of the removal. There was no violence and everything went as planned." Sadiq Khan, Mayor of London, announced a review of all of London's statues and street names.