Workers’ Quarters Within Low-Cost Housing To Be Banned Under KPKT’s New Guidelines

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Low-cost houses and flats can no longer be used as living quarters for workers under a new guidelines formulated by The Housing and Local Government Ministry (KPKT).

“Applications for accommodation and hostels for workers in housing areas are not allowed for residential units in the low-cost category, People’s Housing Projects and affordable housing category that includes apartments or public flats,” said the ministry, according to Bernama.

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KPKT revealed that the draft guidelines will be presented at a meeting of the National Council for Local Government on 13 July.

The guidelines will also cover proposed accommodation within brownfield areas – such as derelict and abandoned premises – as well as new areas, as one of long-term solutions for worker accommodation, according to the Bernama report.

In March, procedures for short-term employee accommodation have been approved for adoption by state governments as well as local authorities, particularly in Peninsular Malaysia for a period of three years starting from this year to 2023.

The ministry shared that the state government of Selangor had fully agreed to adopt the procedure on 2 July.

The rules provide six alternatives for short-term employee accommodation within existing premises. They are accommodation within residential areas, accommodation in shophouse units, hostels within residential areas, accommodation or dormitories for workers within office shops or business lots, in industrial premises as well as dormitories for workers within construction sites.

Selangor Executive Councillor Rodziah Ismail reportedly brought up the proposed ban on workers’ quarters within low-cost housing.

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