Workers’ EPF issues have been sorted out for Bubble Bee, say founder and comedian Shuib (VIDEO)

Malay Mail
Malay Mail

KUALA LUMPUR, November 28 — Local franchise Bubble Bee clarified that Employee Provident Funds (EPF) contribution issues involving their workers, have been resolved.

The company was recently called out by one of their employees on TikTok for not making EPF payments although deductions were made from their pay since earlier this year.

Bubble Bee founder and local comedian, Shuib or his full name Shahmira Muhammad via a video on his Instagram admitted that there were outstanding balance payments with relation to EPF contributions due to mismanagement.

After taking over the company fully in November last year, Shuib said that they have been trying to settle the issues by paying the outstanding amount gradually.

In a more recent update, Shuib told Harian Metro that the matters have been sorted out with EPF agreeing on a gradual settlement and that 300 of of its employees have been updated on the situation.

“ took it all as a wake up call and a lesson for Bubble Bee and we remained committed and positive.

“All the issues regarding EPF have been resolved. Our workers have received memos and emails regarding their EPF contribution status,” he said.

The 39-year-old added that although he was under pressure following the open letter, he would not be taking any legal action against the individual who posted it.

“We have a lot of employees but the actions of these two or three people resulted in loss of confidence amongst other employees.

“However, no legal action will be taken, I don’t see the need to as I see this as constructive criticism.”

Shuib also said that Bubble Bee are getting back on their feet after a shaky year and they are in the midst of introducing a new concept at all 45 outlets in peninsular Malaysia.