Workers clear away tributes at Buckingham Palace

STORY: Software developer Josephine Trimmer told Reuters she chose to visit the palace in the early hours, so that she could be right up at the front of the gates. "Although, I have been and joined the crowds before and really enjoyed that, it's a great feeling, you know, when you're with all those people. But, yea, today I just came up early so I could get right to the front here," she added.

Joan and Ian Bilboe similarly said they showed up this morning to "beat the crowds", with the latter adding that, "It's a poignant time in the our country's history and it's just being here to be part of that and show respect to the late Queen and also to the new King."

It was an emotional visit for teacher Georgina Suttle, who said she and her mum both shed tears for the Queen, and called her an "amazing figure for women and women in leadership."

Occupational therapist Sophie Baqui said she had just arrived in London on a night bus, and decided to come by Buckingham Palace to "say goodbye and pay my respects", since it was a "really historical time."