Workers at Atlanta Apple store push to unionise

STORY: An Apple store in Atlanta could be the company's first in the U.S. to unionize.

Workers there on Wednesday filed a petition to hold a union election, riding the momentum of efforts at other major corporations like Starbucks and Amazon.

“There is no doubt that what we are seeing right now is an historic moment."

Wilma Liebman was chairman of the National Labor Relations Board under the Obama administration.

“I think they have an inside movement called #AppleToo - T.O.O. So I think filing actually for an election is, to some extent, a logical next step."

Apple's workers at Cumberland Mall are hoping to join the Communication Workers of America.

That union, which backs the workers' effort, said that of the more than 100 workers eligible to join, in sales, technical, creative and operations roles, over 70% signed cards expressing their desire to organize.

"Corporations should wake up and see that the workers should have a voice that they want a voice, and they should be at the very least neutral to these union organizing efforts."

A spokesperson for the National Labor Relations Board confirmed the agency's Atlanta office received the union petition on Wednesday.

If certain conditions are met, the NLRB will work with the union and the employer to arrange an election.

Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The company is known for its reticent culture, but last year workers began criticizing the company's working conditions online.

One Atlanta worker involved in the unionization efforts said in a statement, 'We want to make sure that every Apple worker is able to afford quality housing and basic living expenses."

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