‘Workaholic’ bride in India raises eyebrows for being occupied with laptop and phone during wedding (VIDEO)

Anne Grace Savitha
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Screencap of bride occupied with her gadgets at her wedding.  —Twitter/@dineshjoshi70 pic
Screencap of bride occupied with her gadgets at her wedding. —Twitter/@dineshjoshi70 pic

PETALING JAYA, July 7 — A bride in India went viral for her big day, but not for exactly the same reasons as most do.



Occupied with her laptop and smartphone, Times of India reported that the bride was oblivious to her surrounding, including the presence of the groom who joined her as she appeared too engrossed in work.

Twitter user Dinesh Joshi uploaded a video of the incident which has been viewed over 66,000 times - with many criticising the bride.

Anil P Joseph remarked that the bride’s act of doing her work on her wedding stage was merely to impress her social circle and “It’s time we call out such fake imageries here.”

Arpit Chokhani said :“This isn’t called work pressure. Instead, it’s either called a greedy company, an inefficient employee or a combination of both.”

@Pipalkoti meanwhile said : “It is the trend nowadays for couples to entertain their mobile gadgets as their “second spouse” resulting in them neglecting their household and marital responsibilities.”

Many however saw the situation in a more humorous light with remarks that the bride was probably doing a livestream of the event or simply too eager to update about her big day on social media.

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