You Won't Believe How Sore This 15-Minute Bodyweight HIIT Workout Will Make You

Maggie Ryan

If you're short on time but want to get in a good heart-pumping, muscle-building workout, HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is where it's at. These workouts will not only burn calories, but they're proven to diminish belly fat.

This 15-minute HIIT cardio workout involves five basic bodyweight moves, many of which are plyometric (requiring jumping) and high-impact. (You can always modify the moves or work for shorter intervals if you're new to this style of training.) "This workout is not for the faint-hearted," said Danyele Wilson, a NASM-certified personal trainer with Tone & Sculpt. She created the efficient routine can help you improve endurance and burn calories in a short amount of time.

If you're ready to sweat, grab your water bottle and let's get started!

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15-Minute HIIT Workout

Directions: Start by foam rolling your calves, quads, glutes, and hamstrings, and complete the dynamic warmup below. Then begin the workout, completing 30 seconds of each exercise below, followed by a 30-second rest before moving on to the next exercise. When you finish the last exercise, rest for 30 seconds and go back to the start, repeating the circuit for three rounds. After the third round, cool down with the stretches below.

Warmup - 30 seconds of each exercise

Standing knee hug

Hamstring scoop

Standing quad stretch, right side

Standing quad stretch, left side

Plank walk-out

Alternating side squat

Dead bug

Glute bridge

Jumping jacks

HIIT Circuit - 30 seconds of each exercise

Alternating lateral lunge to jump squat

Alternating quick switch to drop lunge

Broad jump burpee to back pedal

Treadmill sprint or sprint in place

Drop squat

Cooldown - 30 seconds of each exercise

Downward dog with heel lifts

Lying spinal twist

Cobra pose to child's pose

Rag doll stretch

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