Wong Jing plays supporting character in Donnie Yen movie

9 Jan – Hong Kong director-producer Wong Jing recently revealed that it was Donnie Yen who requested that he went from behind the camera to the front to play the supporting character in his upcoming film, "Enter the Fat Dragon".

As reported on On CC, the director, who spoke about acting again after many years, stated that he originally said no when the actor suggested that he played a supporting role in the movie.

"I didn't want to do it at first. It would be too tiring because I have to do some fight scenes as well. I would rather pay more money for Sammo Hung to come back and do it instead. But he didn't want that," said Wong.

Wong also revealed that the movie is one of the more expensive films he has ever produced.

"Half of the movie was shot in Japan. For the last act, we even had to build the interior of Tokyo Tower from scratch," he said.

On the other hand, when asked of his thoughts about director Ringo Lam who passed away late last year, Wong expressed, "I was told that his vigil will be held on the 9th of January. When I heard the news, I was in Beijing. I was in shock. We used to joke about how I would die before he would. Life is fragile."

(Photo Source: On.CC)