'Wonderful' Australian Octopus Mother Rolls Pipe Full of Eggs Into Ocean

An Australian marine biologist witnessed an octopus rolling a plastic pipe filled with eggs into the ocean, as seen in a video taken on a beach in the Melbourne suburb of McCrae, Victoria, on June 6.

Sheree Marris, a marine biologist and author based in nearby Rosebud, Victoria, wrote in the video’s caption that she’s always looking for “interesting life” that may have washed up on the beach during her daily morning walks.

When she came across a plastic cylinder and could see bright red tentacles covering an opening, she identified it as a pale octopus – which are typically only found on the cooler, southern shores of Australia.

Marris said when she picked the pipe up to put it back in the sea, the female octopus emerged and began trying to push her “temporary home” by herself.

“She was trying to protect her eggs inside, which were hanging like little white chandeliers from the roof of her makeshift nursery,” Marris said.

Marris said she took the pipe out into the water and stabilized it so it wouldn’t "roll around and back up on the shore.

“It was one of the most remarkable things I have ever seen,” she added.

In the video, Marris tells the mollusk, “You’re a wonderful mum.” Credit: Sheree Marris via Storyful

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