Women's World Cup mascot makes debut in Australia

STORY: Energetically greeting local soccer players, the mascot was joined by members of the Australia women's national soccer team to celebrate the launch of a FIFA volunteer programme.

Based on the little penguin species endemic to Australia and New Zealand, Tazuni's name is a combination of 'Tasman Sea' and 'unity'.

Australia women's national team soccer player, Emma Checker, said the mascot was a hit with young soccer fans. ''I mean the kids are drawn to it, so it's obviously done well. Well I mean, the mascot's always, they're always an interesting one and as long as you've got someone in there full of beans and energy then it's gonna draw the kids. So that's what we want, '' she said.

The 2023 tournament will be jointly hosted by Australia and New Zealand, and run from July 20 to August 20.