Women's charity dumps 'bad apples' at London Met HQ

STORY: "We're told time and time again it's just one bad apple, but the reality is it's far, far more. And now every single officer in the country is being re-vetted. I think these are essential steps because women and girls have to feel safe that the person we go to when we report a crime against us is not a criminal themselves," said Davison

The protest comes after a serving London police officer earlier this week admitted to carrying out 24 counts of rape in a near two decade-long campaign of abuse against women, making him one of Britain's most prolific sex offenders.

The Met police, already grappling with a collapse of confidence among the public after a string of scandals, apologized for failing to spot the pattern of abuse earlier.

An independent review of the London force said in October that "radical" reform was needed in relation to how the it dealt with misconduct allegations faced by hundreds of its staff and officers.