Women protest against femicides and gender violence

STORY: Back in June 3, 2015, demonstrators in the South American country began marching under the slogan ''Ni Una Menos'' (Not one -woman- less).

Today, after a two year break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, women have claimed the same call to eradicate gender violence.

"What happens to us here is that justice is slow and is patriarchal. In general, those who die, die after having made many complaints," said activist Alejandra Lume while holding a sign reading "Old women are killed too."

The march started in the centre of Buenos Aires and headed towards the gates of the National Congress, where protesters lit candles to remember femicide victims.

According to figures from the Argentine Supreme Court of Justice, during 2021 an average of one femicide was recorded in the country every 35 hours and of these crimes, 81% occurred in a context of domestic violence.

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