Women are obsessed with this £2.50 cream that can stop thighs chafing in the summer

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Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images
Photo credit: Westend61 - Getty Images

Finally it's hot. It feels like we've just emerged from the longest winter of our lives (both emotionally and literally, where the weather is concerned) and the sun has well and truly got its hat on. While that naturally means celebrations for many who rely on their seasonal hit of vitamin D, it also means some severe agg for a large proportion of the female population who will be welcoming back their old nemesis that is thigh chafing.

Chafing thighs and underboob sweat are quite possibly two of the most annoying things to come out of a hot summer. And while nobody's complaining right now about the warm weather, it is known to get so bad for some people that they will avoid leaving the safety of an air conditioned room at all costs.

So what can we do about it? How can we end these days of thigh-rubbing, boob-sweating misery? According to some very enthusiastic people on Twitter, you could try a £2.50 per-bottle wonder-cream which may just end up revolutionising your summer.

'Liquid Talc' (which, as you might imagine, is a talcum powder alternative in liquid form) can be bought on Amazon and is actually a baby product, designed to enhance the softness of a newborn's skin as an alternative to baby powder. It goes on like a lotion and can apparently work wonders for fully grown adults who want to prevent thigh chafing and underboob sweating, not just babies with nappy rash. Oh yeah, and just to remind you, it's cheap as chips, with three bottles being priced at £7.70 on Amazon.

When comedian Sarah Millican last year questioned on Twitter whether the skin under her boobs would "ever be dry again" in the midst of a hot summer a couple of years back, she was flooded with recommendations - and the same one cropped up numerous times.

"Liquid talc. That’s what I use for my underboob," replied one follower - and it seems they're certainly not the only one on Twitter to have raved about this secret solution. "To gals with thiccccc thighs in this hot weather...I discovered liquid talc the other day and I [swear to God] it has changed my life, go get [you] some," wrote one person on the social network. Described as a "lifesaver" by another user, people seem to use liquid talc on their inner thighs and their under-bust as a cheap and effective method of making themselves way more comfortable in the summer.

Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

Asda's Little Angels Liquid Talc has also received a specific shout out on Twitter for being a good option. The liquid talc likely works in a similar way to another anti-thigh chafing trick - rolling deodorant onto the inside of your thighs. The slick layer it creates allows them to easily slip past each other, as opposed to causing painful friction every time your thighs rub together.

So who knows? Maybe it's worth a try. Your thighs might thank you for it...

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