Woman's Eyelashes Left a Matted Mess After Botched Extensions

A London beautician filmed herself working to correct another salon’s botched eyelash extension that left her customer’s lashes a matted mess.

This video, posted to TikTok on May 18, shows Ipek Ozcan of IPS Beauty gently removing the lash adhesive, which had caused the customer “discomfort as they were quite heavy on the eyes.”

Ozcan said the customer was told the extensions were individual eyelash extensions.

“These in fact are not Individual eyelash extensions at all. They are known as cluster eyelashes,” Ozcan told Storyful.

Individual extensions are single artificial strands applied to individual lashes, whereas cluster extensions are a fan of multiple artificial strands glued onto the lash line, according to eyelash specialists Pearl Lash.

Ozcan said it took 30 minutes to remove the extensions and she “managed to save most of her natural lashes, but there were a few gaps from where the cluster lashes ripped her natural eyelashes out.”

“They were plastered with glue and just placed in clumps over her natural lashes with no isolation at all,” she said. “She had them done at a hairdressers.” Credit: Ipek Ozcan via Storyful

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