Woman Warns Brother’s Fiancée That Her Low-Cut Wedding Dress May 'Cause Problems' for Their ‘Conservative’ Family

The dilemma went viral after the woman wondered in a Reddit post if she was in the wrong for flagging her concerns to the bride

<p>Getty</p> A stock image of an upset bride.


A stock image of an upset bride.

A bride-to-be is furious after her soon-to-be sister-in-law warned her that their "conservative" family would not approve of her wedding dress.

On Sunday, June 9, the groom's sister shared her dilemma on Reddit's popular Am I the A------? forum, where she wondered if she had overstepped her future in-law's boundaries.

"My brother is getting married soon, and his fiancée chose a very revealing wedding dress," the Reddit user wrote. "It’s low-cut, with a thigh-high slit and a sheer back."

"I’m all for people wearing what they want," she added, before noting that her family is "quite conservative and opinionated" and she believed they would take issue with the outfit.

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"I know this dress will cause a lot of drama, especially with our grandparents (talking people walking out on the wedding kind of drama)," the writer continued. "I made sure to clarify that I absolutely respect it’s her choice and her special day but wanted to at least warn her of what could happen."

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"She got very upset and said it’s her wedding and she’ll wear whatever she wants,"
she then wrote, adding that her brother was also upset at her suggestion and accused her of trying to insert herself into the wedding planning.

"Some of my family members think I was just looking out for her, while others say I overstepped," she concluded the post. "AITA for telling my brother’s fiancée her wedding dress might be inappropriate for our conservative family?"

<p>Getty</p> Woman Warns Brother’s Fiancée that Her Low-Cut Wedding Dress May ‘Cause Problems’ for Their ‘Conservative’ Family


Woman Warns Brother’s Fiancée that Her Low-Cut Wedding Dress May ‘Cause Problems’ for Their ‘Conservative’ Family

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The post caused a wave of discussion on Reddit, with several people suggesting that the original poster was in the wrong.

"The time to mention it would have been before she went shopping," one user responding to her question wrote, pointing out that although the sister-in-law believes her grandparents will make a big deal out of a revealing dress, it's just a guess that they will storm out of the ceremony.

"If she already picked out the dress, she’s likely both emotionally and financially quite invested in it," they added. "This is not something she can easily change. It does sound a bit controlling to come to her now — after she’s found the dress she loves — and to tell her she made the wrong choice."

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Other commenters agreed, adding that this was an issue that should have been brought up far in advance of the bride going dress shopping.

"You overstepped by a mile," one other Redditor wrote. "If people decide to walk out the wedding over the bride's choice of a wedding dress good riddance."

"A wedding is the celebration of the union of two people if guests walk out over the bride's gown, they're attending for all the wrong reasons," they added.

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