Woman Violently Pushes Priest Off Stage To The Horror Of Thousands

A video of a woman assaulting a priest is going viral after it was all caught on camera.

Pushed Off Stage

Rev. Marcelo Rossi is a priest in the Catholic community of Canção Nova in Brazil. On Sunday, he was in the middle of mass when a woman ran up and violently pushed Rossi off the stage.

Horrified Crowd

His masses are routinely televised, so it was all caught on camera. After she shoves Rossi, the camera pans to the crowd where tens of thousands of people are horrified.


It's unclear what the woman's motive was, although one report suggests it was in response to Rossi reportedly saying, "Fat women don’t get into Heaven." A separate report states that the women allegedly has a mental disorder.

Not Hurt

Amazingly, Rossi was not injured and later returned to the stage. Canção Nova released a statement:

“The priest is well. He was attended by the medical staff at the event and presided over the celebration to the end.”

The woman was arrested but later released after Rossi decided not to press charges.