Woman who listed used swimming costume on eBay shocked after buyer asks her to wear it first

Francesca Specter
Yahoo Style UK deputy editor
The six month old swimming costume, depicted here by a stock image, was listed on eBay. [Photo: Getty]

A woman selling a swimming costume online was left shocked after a male buyer asked her to wear it before he posted.

Lucy Taylor, 37, listed her six-month-old black Nike swimming costume on eBay, along with around 30 other items of clothing, following a massive clear-out of her wardrobe.

Her swimming costume sold for £10.50 on the auction site.

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But within half an hour of the sale she received an unusual message from the seller.

"Hi :) I have have a question, is it possible for you to wear the swimsuit before shipping it? Best regards", read the message.

Albeit “creeped out”, Taylor sent off the swimsuit (without wearing it) and shared the experience with her Facebook followers.

She wrote in a post: "I’ve been selling lots of stuff on eBay trying to recoup money that I have spent... I have no words for the message I just got. None. Nothing. It’s not often I am left speechless. And, no, just no...”

She later told SWNS she found the assumption “repellent”

“I couldn't believe someone could do that sort of thing on eBay,” she added."There are websites where people can do that, and I'm open-minded enough to think other people can do that sort of thing if they want. But I'm not that kind of girl.”

Depicted in Netflix series ‘Orange Is Not The Only Black’, there is a niche market for people buying and selling used underwear and other clothing online.

“The online fetish scene has been around for as long as the internet, however the panty-selling storyline in Orange is the new Black had a significant impact on its popularity,” a representative for Panty Trust, an online fetish item marketplace, told Yahoo UK.

The representative added: “We sell anything from 'worn ' footwear, sports wear, underwear, lingerie, accessories, photos and videos.

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“Buyers pay on average £20 to £50 per pair of panties depending on the length of wear, possibly a little more once a member has established a connection and a trusting relationship with buyers.”