Florida woman stabbed sister to death for flirting with boyfriend in VALORANT: report

Fatiha Marzan close up, Jett from VALORANT
21-year-old Fatiha Marzan has been charged with first-degree murder after confessing to the murder of her sister, Sayma Marzan, who was allegedly flirting with Fatiha's boyfriend of five years. (Photo: Orange County Sheriff’s Office, Riot Games)

A woman in the US was charged with first-degree murder after she confessed to the murder of her younger sister for allegedly flirting with her boyfriend on VALORANT.

According to investigators, Fatiha Marzan, 21, allegedly stabbed her sister, Sayma Marzan, 20, three to four times in the heart.

Twenty minutes after Orange County fire rescue medics arrived, Sayma Marzan was declared dead, the Orlando Sentinel reported.

Fatiha, who was reportedly in a long-distance relationship with her boyfriend of five years, became irritated when her sister began playing VALORANT matches with him.

She confronted the pair, telling them she was uncomfortable with how Sayma talked to her partner.

Fatiha claimed that after repeated disagreements over the subject, she suspected her sister did not respect her.

It was reported that Sayma communicated with her sister's boyfriend through the in-game communication system on VALORANT.

According to witnesses, Sayma uses the VALORANT in-game messaging system to communicate with her sister's boyfriend. (Photo: Riot Games).
According to witnesses, Sayma uses the VALORANT in-game messaging system to communicate with her sister's boyfriend. (Photo: Riot Games).

Ordered weapons from Amazon

The situation reportedly escalated when Fatiha's boyfriend allegedly confessed to loving Sayma.

Soon after, Fatiha bought a "dagger-style knife set" from Amazon and concealed it for weeks, plotting to murder her sister in her sleep, according to the arrest affidavit.

She attacked Sayma at 4.30am to ensure their parents wouldn’t hear.

Sayma allegedly woke up during the attack and said, "What the f—k?" and "help".

Fatiha later called the police at 7.30pm, 15 hours after the crime, telling 911 that she had stabbed her sister and that she "does not believe she was alive".

She also said that after killing Sayma, she thought about killing herself, but another sibling talked her out of it.

Fatiha Marzan faces a first-degree murder charge and is being held without bond in the Orange County Jail.

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