Woman Skips Jail Time After Stabbing Boyfriend 100 Times

Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty
Robyn Beck/AFP via Getty

A California woman who experienced “cannabis-induced” psychosis will skip jail time after she stabbed her boyfriend over 100 times, CBS News reported. Bryn Spejcher was sentenced by Judge David Worley to two months’ probation on Tuesday for the death of Chad O’Melia nearly four years earlier. Prosecutors argued that after taking multiple hits from a bong, Spejcher suffered from a cannabis-induced psychotic episode that caused her to stab O’Melia and herself. The victim’s father criticized the judge’s decision, saying it set a dangerous precedent. “He just gave everyone in the state of California who smokes marijuana a license to kill someone," Sean O’Melia said, according to The Ventura County Star.

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