Woman Refuses to Let Sister Borrow Treasured Items She Was Gifted by Their Late Grandmother for Her Wedding

A Reddit user says that she is not invited to her estranged sister's wedding, but she was still asked to lend her items she was gifted by their grandma

<p>Docinets Vasil/Getty</p> A bride fastens an earring.

Docinets Vasil/Getty

A bride fastens an earring.

A woman is seeking reassurance after denying her estranged sibling access to their late grandmother’s possessions for her wedding.

In a post shared to Reddit’s "Am I the Assh---" forum, also known as AITA, a user detailed the tense situation between her and her sister.

According to the woman, 23, she has had a poor relationship with her parents and sister since her childhood. The user writes that her parents showed "favoritism" towards her sister and her grandmother was the "only person in the world world" who made her "feel wanted and special."

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The woman claims that she spent copious amounts of time – "pretty much every day" – with her older family member and even viewed her as a maternal figure. "There were times I spent larger chunks of time with her. Like an entire month or 2/3 weeks because my parents just didn't care if I was in their home or not," she wrote.

In return, she claimed that her sister "never cared" and made fun of her for "spending so much time with an 'old lady.'"

The woman's grandmother passed away roughly three years ago and left her all of her personal belongings and limited her parents’ access to the items – as well as the inheritance. The poster writes that in the time that’s passed, she’s held onto her grandmother's "jewelry and old photos" as well as "sentimental trinkets," which has made her parents and sister "resentful" of her.

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Now, the woman’s sister is getting married and has asked to wear an item from their grandma’s collection to her wedding. She says that she is not invited to the event and they haven’t been in contact for about two years. The siblings’ parents decided to get involved and the user ignored them. She claims that their requests "got crazy," leading her to say "no" and block their numbers.

<p>Getty</p> Crying bride on wedding day.


Crying bride on wedding day.

At this time, she says that they have found alternative ways to contact her.

In the comments section, the woman was met with support: "Your grandmother’s things are yours now. You don’t need to lend something you care about to a sister you aren’t on speaking terms with so she can wear it at a wedding she did not even invite you to. There’s no trust here," one user wrote.

"Grandma went out of her way to make sure her stuff went directly to you. It's your choice if you want to let your sister borrow. Given that they might not be too keen to return it, I probably wouldn't," another said.

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Another commenter added a few words of affirmation, telling the poster to “stay strong.”

“You don't owe them, the inheritance is yours as your grandmother intended. Her love will remain with you forever."

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