Woman Names Baby Girl After the Seafood Restaurant Where She Gave Birth — at the Table!

Alyse and Sean Sparkman offered a nod to the restaurant where their daughter was born with her middle name

<p>Courtesy Sean Sparkman</p> Alyse and Sean Sparkman with their baby girl

Courtesy Sean Sparkman

Alyse and Sean Sparkman with their baby girl

A woman named her child Lily after giving birth to a baby girl at a restaurant called Lily’s Seafood Grill and Brewery.

In an interview with Today, Alyse Sparkman explains that she and her husband Sean went to the hospital on April 27 after she started experiencing contractions. Ultimately, the hospital sent the couple home, saying she didn't appear to be in active labor.

So the two headed to Lily's Seafood Grill and Brewery in Royal Oak, Michigan, to grab a bite to eat.

Once their food arrived, Alyse felt her water break and told her husband to run to the car to take her to the hospital.

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<p>Courtesy Sean Sparkman</p> Alyse and Sean Sparkman with their baby

Courtesy Sean Sparkman

Alyse and Sean Sparkman with their baby

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But Sean hadn't even made it to her by the time she gave birth, just two minutes later and still sitting at the restaurant.

“It was right out of a movie,” Sean tells Today, adding: “I’m sitting at a light and she calls me and says, ‘I had the baby.' "

Two retired nurses also dining at Lily's were able to untangle the baby’s umbilical cord from being wrapped around her neck as other diners cheered the baby's arrival.

<p>Courtesy Sean Sparkman</p> Penelope "Lily" Sparkman

Courtesy Sean Sparkman

Penelope "Lily" Sparkman

Born weighing 4 lbs., 8 ounces, the baby did ultimately go to the hospital with her mom following her birth, and was discharged two days later.

In an homage to her restaurant birth, the baby was named Penelope Lily Sparkman. The middle name replaced the couple's earlier choice, Danielle.

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<p>Courtesy Sean Sparkman</p> Lily and her plaque

Courtesy Sean Sparkman

Lily and her plaque

“It really worked out because we had originally chosen Danielle, but we weren’t crazy about it,” Sean tells Today. “We both love Lily.”

The restaurant has now offered its own homage to Lily, in the form of a plaque it placed at the table where she first made her entrance to the world.

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